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Through standardized, differentiated, and value-added pellet machines, pellet production lines, pellet plant solutions and services, we can reduce customers’ psychological costs and usage costs.

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Pellet Plant Solution

From understanding customer needs to delivering a superior customer experience throughout the entire life cycle of a RICHI product, our one-stop pellet plant solutions create satisfied customers. In the fields of feed processing, biomass pellet production, wood pellet production, organic fertilizer processing, cat litter processing, waste tire pellet processing, PET plastic pellet processing, storage engineering and other fields, more than 200 projects have been successfully completed in more than 130 countries around the world.

We believe that with leading one-stop solutions, global experience and localized services combined with customers’ local expertise, Richi Machinery will promote new growth and further promote the development of global agriculture, energy and resource reuse.

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How To Set Up Pellet Plant For Different Applications

pellet plant application

Pellet Plant Application

With the increasing prosperity of industries such as feed, biomass fuel energy, organic fertilizer, cat litter, and urban waste recycling, the trend of intelligence is becoming more and more obvious, which requires equipment manufacturers to provide more comprehensive and systematic solutions.

Richi Machinery provides comprehensive solutions in pellet plant and feed mill factory layout design, engineering design, machinery manufacturing, factory construction and automation control systems.

RICHI adopts advanced design concepts and technologies, has a senior design elite team, skilled construction team and rich experience in pellet plant engineering project implementation, and has successfully cooperated with more than 2,000 pellet manufacturers around the world.

Pellet Plant Projects

Richi Machinery combines modern technology, market demand with the design and manufacturing concepts of mills accumulated for many years. After years of painstaking design and improvement of multi-series pellet production line equipment, it is suitable for various pellet production and has stable performance.

At the same time, we provide customers with a full range of services and customized personalized solutions for a long time, so as to control the total use cost of customers’ pellet production line processing to the lowest level and maximize the benefits. Rich practical experience has enabled us to cooperate with thousands of customers in more than 130 countries and regions, providing them with complete solutions and services covering the entire product life cycle.

pellet plant cases
3-5TPH Commercial Poultry Feed Mill in Malaysia

3-5T/H Poultry Feed Mill In Malaysia

We customized the design of Malaysia 3-5t/h broiler poultry feed mill plant according to the plant area, process requirements and local policies provided by the Malaysian customer, and preliminary civil construction preparations were carried out.

Uzbekistan 3-5TPH Low Cost Feed Mill Plant For Poultry

Uzbekistan 3-5TPH Feed Mill For Poultry

The Uzbekistan customer comes from Samarkand, a key area of poultry farming. There are many poultry farms in the area, so the customer decided to invest in the poultry feed mill plant business for chicken broiler feed production.

40-42 ton chicken feed mill plant

40-42 T/H Chicken Feed Mill Plant

This is a new build large scale animal feed mill plant project for poultry and livestock feed production, and the main construction content includes 7 production workshops, 2 office buildings, and 2 dormitory buildings.

2-3T/H Waste Tire Pellet Plant in Poland

2-3T/H Waste Tire Pellet Plant In Poland

Project date: Jan 23th, 2019. This 2 tons per hour automatic pellet production line originated from a customer’s patent, using waste tire cords as raw materials, made into rubber pellets, and then mixed with concrete to be used for paving roads.

Romania 2-2.5TPH Customized Biomass Wood Sawdust Pellet Plant Project With CE

Romania 2-2.5TPH Wood Sawdust Pellet Plant

This Romanian customer has seized this market opportunity and invested in the construction of the 2-2.5t/h wood pellet manufacturing plant project for making 6mm fuel pellets. (The project uses sawdust as raw material.)

USA Large Industrial 10 Tons/Hour Wood Pellet Plant

USA 10 Tons/Hour Wood Pellet Plant

Project date: November 2020. This is a large scale complete 10t/h biomass pellet plant project in United States. The customer’s main raw materials are some waste wood, which is relatively large and contains iron nails and other impurities.

Annual Output Of 400,000 Tons Livestock Feed Mill

50T/H Livestock Feed Mill Plant

This large scale new build 50t/h fully automatic animal livestock feed mill project covers an area of ​​60 acres, and introduces 3 modern technology livestock compound feed production lines and 2 raw material expansion production lines.

Belgium Customizable Easy To Use 1-2TPH Small Commercial Poultry Feed Plant Project

Belgium 1-2TPH Poultry Feed Mill Plant

The complete poultry feed mill plant was purchased by a customer in Belgium who has a large scale poultry farm. The feed pellets produced by the 1-2 t/h poultry chicken feed pellet making plant is for his poultry farm and for sale.

Uzbekistan 10-15TPH Full Automatic Animal Feed Factory With Silo System

10-15T/H Animal Feed Mill In Uzbekistan

This is a customized 10-15t/h automatic animal feed mill factory, used to produce mash feed and 2-6mm chicken feed pellets, the raw materials are corn, wheat, soybean meal, sunflower seed meal, oil, premix.

Indonesia 1-1.5T/H Wood Pellet Production Line

Biomass Wood Pellet Plant In Indonesia

Project date: June 15th,2018. In the 1-1.5 ton per hour Indonesia wood pellet manufacturing plant, logs and wood chips from forest harvest, offcuts and saw dust from furniture factory are used as feedstock for making biomass fuel pellets.

Afghanistan 10-15T/H Automatic Chicken Feed Mill Project

Afghanistan 10-15T/H Chicken Feed Mill

This is a customized 10-15 t/h automatic broiler feed mill plant project, used to produce powder feed for laying hens and 3.5mm chicken feed pellets for broilers, the chicken feed raw materials are corn, wheat, soybean meal, and other grain.

5tph sinking fish feed plant

5T/H Sinking Fish Feed Plant In Uzbekistan

This is his second cooperation with RICHI. What he bought for the first time was a 3-5t/h chicken feed plant, and this time he bought a 5t/h sinking fish feed plant for his own large carp farm, making sinking fish food for ponds.

Cape Verde 1-2TPH Commercial Poultry Feed Pellet Line

Cape Verde 1-2TPH Poultry Feed Pellet Line

This is the first time that the customer has entered the field of poultry feed processing and used this small automatic poultry feed mill project as an investment. How to make commercial poultry feed plant with small capacity? This Cape Verde project is a typical example.

Ethiopia 5-6TPH Customized Powder Feed Mill For Layer Feed Production

Ethiopia 5-6T/H Poultry Powder Feed Mill

The Ethiopia 5-6 tons per hour chicken powder feed processing plant can produce powdered nutritious feed that meets different animal species. The main feed raw materials in this chicken poultry powder feed making plant are corn, wheat, soybean meal, and other grain.

Thailand 10TPH Poultry Premix And Powder Feed Production Line

Thailand 10T/H Poultry Premix Feed Plant

This Thailand premix feed plant project was signed on May 28, 2020. This is the first time for the customer to enter the animal feed processing industry. The total area of ​​the 10t/h poultry premix feed plant building is 600m², and the total construction area is about 1000m².


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Founded in 1995, Richi Machinery has been developing steadily and steadily in the field of pellet production. It is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of equipment required for industry projects such as feed, biomass energy, and organic fertilizer. It has gradually formed a complete R&D, production, sales and service system, provide technical solutions and supporting products. In the past 30 years of innovation and development, it has become an enterprise with both hardware and software strengths in China’s domestic pellet machinery industry. The leading products cover more than 80 types of 3 major industrial modules: feed mill equipmentbiomass pellet plant, and fertilizer granulation equipment.


Service Coverage


At Richi Machinery, we adhere to the one-to-one targeted design of high-quality solutions, and use the professional knowledge and full-cycle services of our account managers to help customers carry out project operations, and thoroughly solve customers’ equipment procurement, operating cost accounting, operation management and after-sales service. In order to improve the profitability of customers and realize the sustainable development of the business.


Advanced technology to produce excellent products. Through cooperation with excellent companies, we have introduced advanced production technology from different industries and global pellet plant control technology to RICHI, equipped with advanced processing equipment, and realized high-precision mechanical processing and assembly production processes, To provide you with pellet production line equipment that strive for excellence.


After the production system completes the equipment production, the quality inspector strictly inspects the records item by item according to the quality inspection details to ensure the quality of each equipment to be installed. Before the equipment is packed and sent, the documentary specialist will check the packing list one by one to avoid the phenomenon of missed delivery. In equipment boxing and packaging, we adopt professional packaging and modular solutions to ensure the safe and non-destructive delivery of equipment.


According to customer needs, Richi Machinery installation engineers will guide the construction of site infrastructure, equipment installation and commissioning, and trial operation of the entire pellet production line. When the relevant project indicators meet the design standards, the customer will sign the project and pass the acceptance. Richi Machinery also provides comprehensive and systematic training for the technical staff of each user to better serve the needs of customers’ projects. 


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    Keeping in touch with us is an effective way to solve all your problems. If you have any needs or questions, please leave your contact information, then RICHI technical consultants will send design, quotation, videos to your mailbox. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp: +86 13838389622


      * We will store the information you have provided us. We will only use this information for the purpose of helping to answer your inquiries. We will not disclose your information to third parties.

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