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Wood chip dryer is used in the drying process of biomass fuel pellet plant and is the main model of production enterprises. Adequately drying wood chip biofuel is the most important aspect of optimizing heat and biomass energy power production from woody types of biomass.

Drying techniques vary and can include a combination of methods. Richi Machinery consider all the available information from each client’s individual situation, including material density factors, location, local climate and heat source data, before recommending an optimal solution.

Moisture content in wood chips, as well as other biomass fuel used for energy production significantly influences system performance and is the single most important factor in the energy content, or calorific value, of your woody biomass fuel.

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Application of wood chip dryer

Rotary wood dryers for wood chips are known as the workhorse of industrial dryers. They are able to process a wide variety of materials and can lend a hand in nearly any industry requiring industrial drying solutions.

Some of the most common industries and materials in which rotary dryers are employed include include :

  • Agricultural By-Products
  • Animal Feeds
  • Bagasse
  • Biomass
  • Biosolids
  • Hemp
  • Paper Mill Waste
  • Reclaimed Dust
  • Salts & Sugars
  • Sawdust
  • rice husk
  • palm
  • bamboo
  • coal
  • grass
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Features of wood chip dryer

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Clients’ needs include a highly efficient and dry final dedusting system at a reasonable price, robust enough to operate for several years without significant maintenance and operating costs and avoiding production downtime.

RICHI wood chip drying systems solutions include low pressure drop, efficient and long-lasting dryer cyclones and high efficiency secondary cyclones which are a real alternative to other more maintenance demanding or costly dedusters to reach emissions as low as 30mg/Nm3.

The drum structure design of the wood chip dryer machine is easy to use, and the reason why it is easy to use is inseparable from the following reasons:

  • These chips dryer machines feature single and multi-pass technology that move materials through the drum in an air stream created by the dryer induced-draft fan. Multiple passes are mechanically interlocked to rotate at the same speed. As the drum rotates, the product is repeatedly showered into the dryer hot gas.
  • Simple structure design. The drum-type structure design of the chip dryer has a large bearing area, high disposal output, and convenient and simple operation.
  • The thermal efficiency can reach 80% to 90%, and most of the heat conducted into the drum space acts on the vaporization of the moisture inside the sawdust;
  • The drying rate is high, generally up to 30~70 kg/(m2·h);
  • The drying quality is stable. This is mainly because the wood chips enter the chips dryer machine using a continuously variable speed regulator to control the speed of the auger. The amount of feed can be adjusted according to the moisture content of the wood chips. At the same time, the hot air entering the drum can be adjusted by automatically controlling the valve.
  • With space control system. The chips dryer machine is equipped with an intelligent system, with a high level of mechanization and automatic operation and production.
  • Good sensitivity. The parameters of the drum type chip dryer can be adjusted sensitively, such as the air volume, air speed, temperature and other parameters of the equipment.
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It is precisely because the wood chip dryer has many advantages, it is currently used more in production. With the implementation of environmental protection policies in various countries, wood chips, such as waste, have been recycled. The most valuable use direction of wood chips is to make charcoal or biomass pellets.

Whether the wood chips are made into charcoal or biomass pellets, the wood chips must be dried, and the drying effect directly determines the quality of the charcoal and biomass pellets.

Chips dryer machine price and parameters

Chips dryer machine price:10,000-300,000USD

  • Dry the moisture of materials from 55% to 15%
  • Diameter: Customizable, 1-3 Layer
  • Capacity: According kind of raw materials and moisture of materials
  • Rotate speed 3-8 r/min
  • Inlet temperature ≤ 700℃
  • Application: Applicable to low-temperature continuous drying material in large quantity, such as sawdust, wood chips, grass, dregs, etc.
  • Fuel Options: Bark, wood pellets, wood chips, wood waste, natural gas, LPG, coal, etc.

Drying biomass with RICHI wood chip dryer will not only provide for a carbon neutral footprint but will enhance the end product and give you:

  • Steam conditioning
  • High durability pellets
  • Precise and uniform moisture
  • Open fiber structure
  • Improved combustion properties
  • The lowest total life cycle cost
  • Low net energy consumption
  • No risk for fire or explosion
  • No air emissions – reducing carbon footprint even further

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structure and working principle of Wood chip dryer

The chips dryer machine is mainly composed of a hot blast stove, a feeding device, a drum, a motor, a reducer, a fan, a separator, etc.

When the chip dryer is running, the hot air generated by the burning of the wood in the hot blast stove is directly sucked into the drum under the action of the negative pressure generated by the fan. The wood chips are fed into the drum, and the wood chips gradually move from the head to the tail of the drum as a whole. This is mainly achieved by three methods:

  • The drum has an installation angle of 1.5°, and the sawdust tends to move from the head to the tail under the action of gravity;
  • The lifting plate inside the drum has a certain inclination angle, and the wood chips are pushed from the head to the tail when the drum rolls;
  • Under the action of the negative pressure of the fan, the sawdust is attracted from the head to the tail.
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The wood chips continue to roll under the combined action of the rotation of the drum and the lifting of the lifting plate in the drum, fully contacting with the hot air, and roughly going through three stages of preheating, surface vaporization and internal vaporization. It takes 18 minutes, the moisture inside the wood chips is evaporated into water vapor and the dried wood chips are sent to the separator through the pipeline under the action of the fan for separation.

The wood chips are sent from the lower part of the separator to the ground and then manually transported to the extrusion equipment or through the belt conveying equipment is directly sent to the extrusion equipment, and the water vapor is discharged from the chimney at the upper part of the separator. (Related case: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

How to choose the right wood chip dryer?

The wood chip drying systems is the main equipment for drying wet sawdust. For customers, it is very necessary to choose a suitable and cost-effective drying equipment. The chips dryer machine is specially used for drying chips and sawdust, wood flour and other materials, a reasonable choice can save energy, so how to choose a suitable chip dryer?

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  • The selection of wood chip drying systems must be appropriate, and the drying requirements such as material characteristics must be clear, so that manufacturers can formulate professional plans, match production parameters, and improve the drying efficiency of users.
  • The cost, energy consumption and other indicators of different manufacturers and drying technologies of wood chip dryer machines vary greatly. Users should choose regular manufacturers with strong strength, many cases, and complete after-sales service.
  • When choosing wood chip drying equipment, it is necessary to investigate the production process and processing technology of the equipment. You can visit the case site to understand the actual operation of the equipment and choose the best manufacturer.

Today is a fast-paced and intelligent era, and the wood chip dryer equipment should also meet intelligent production to improve production efficiency.

How to choose the right chips dryer machine for high moisture materials?

Depending on the material, the material is food, agricultural supplies, industrial raw materials, and raw materials. Different materials use different drying methods and equipment. Due to the particularity of the industry, food materials cannot contaminate food when choosing chips drying equipment, and the temperature cannot be too high.

  • For agricultural products, if it is dehydration and drying of grains, there are the same problems as food, and special grain drying equipment is extended. There are not so many restrictions on the drying of agricultural products such as fertilizers, and wood chip dryer can be used directly.
  • If you want to dry industrial raw materials, such as sand, coal, slime, etc., you can also choose a chip dryer For example, according to the non-stick surface water of sand and slag, a three-pass dryer is designed. The chip dryer is developed according to the characteristics of coal slime sludge adhesion.
  • There are many kinds of high-humidity materials on the market. Although there is no one-to-one correspondence, many manufacturers have been focusing on the drying industry for more than ten years and can customize production equipment for your materials.

How to reduce the drying cost of wood chip dryer?

In the process of dewatering high-humidity materials with a dryer, in addition to improving the production and quality of the chip dryer, reducing energy consumption is also the key to reducing cost investment. So, how can the energy consumption of wet material dryers be reduced?

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01 Improve the combustion efficiency of the drying heat source

At present, coal combustion is the main heat source for high-humidity material dryer equipment. If the coal fuel we choose is of low quality, the combustion will be incomplete, and in severe cases, it will lead to fire extinguishing, which will not only affect the smooth operation of the dryer, but also affect the drying quality of the material.

At the same time, if the operator cannot evenly distribute the coal fuel in the combustion chamber, it is easy to form fuel accumulation, inhibit the heat and mass transfer process, reduce the flue gas temperature in the drying cylinder, waste resources and increase energy consumption.

02 Add appropriate dryer lifting plate

The wood chip dryer achieves the effect of dehydration and drying through the exchange of high-humidity materials and hot air in the dryer cylinder. The device of the lifting plate in the cylinder can be repeatedly thrown with the rotation of the drum to increase the contact area between the material and the hot flue gas and promote strong heat exchange.

 Therefore, according to the characteristics of the material, an appropriate form of lifting plate device is added in the chip dryer cylinder to increase the formation of the material curtain, improve the dehydration and drying efficiency of the material, and thus save energy consumption.

03 Strengthen the sealing of the chip dryer cylinder

The tightness of the dryer cylinder is very important to protect the heat, because the inner wall of the dryer cylinder is mostly exposed to high temperature fumes, except for a small part that is covered by high humidity material. As the drying operation progresses, heat will inevitably be discharged through the cylinder, resulting in heat loss.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the sealing performance of the drum chip dryer. Usually, we can set thermal insulation materials on the inner and outer cylinder walls to reduce heat loss, improve thermal energy utilization and reduce energy consumption.

A biomass wood chip drying systems normally starts with the infeed of chips or sawdust. The drying plant typically consists of heat generation, drying, and air pollution control. The heat generation can come from hot gases, steam, or hot water. RICHI is well equipped to supply turnkey biomass wood chip drying systems.

RICHI offers a selection of different technologies for biomass drying, which can reduce your need for ancillary power and cut your operating costs with a RICHI wood chip dryer.

Precautions for start-up production of large sawdust dryer

In order to ensure the normal operation of the large-scale chip dryer, the installation and installation of the large-scale wood chip drying systems is not so simple, but it is also necessary to consider the precautions in the production process of the large-scale wood chip drying systems, whether the operation is standardized, and whether the equipment is running. abnormal.

These details directly affect whether the large-scale wood chip drying systems can operate stably, with high yield and high quality, and it is also one of the main reasons for the large difference in the output of the same large-scale wood chip drying systems. Next, we summarize the precautions for the start-up of large-scale chips dryer machines:

wood chip dryer sawdust rotary drum dryer

01 Avoid feeding too much or too little at one time

The wet material is sent to the silo through the feeding device, and then sent to the low-temperature sludge dryer barrel through the silo pipeline. When loading and unloading, the principle of “appropriate amount and uniform speed” should be followed to avoid too much or too little feeding at one time. If the feeding amount is too large, the material will easily accumulate in the drum, which will not only greatly prolong the drying time, but also cause uneven drying and substandard output.

In addition, the long-term overload of the wood chip dryer can also affect the service life of the machine. If the feed is too small, but the heat energy consumption and electric power consumption are not reduced, this is equivalent to increasing the drying cost and reducing the economic benefit of the enterprise. Therefore, neither method is advisable.

02 Adjust the equipment according to the actual situation and follow the “step by step” principle

When the finished product discharged from the large-scale wood chip drying systems does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to find out the reason why the material drying does not meet the requirements before operation. Do not rashly adjust the temperature, air volume, air speed and other parameters of the large wood chip drying systems to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

03 Privately transforming large-scale wood chip drying systems will not increase output

In order to increase the output of the wood chip dryer, some users have excessively extended the length of the large wood chip drying systems. In fact, the output of the device is not related to the size of the device, but also to the design process and internal structure. Blindly lengthening the cylinder will not increase the output of the equipment, not only does it cover a larger area, but also the drying process of the material and hot air is too long, resulting in more heat loss.

03 Ensuring uniform and stable heating is the premise for the smooth drying operation

The large-scale wood chip drying systems completes the drying and dehydration work through the heat and mass transfer of the high temperature, hot and humid materials. Therefore, it is very important to ensure an adequate heat source. On the one hand, it is necessary to keep the heat source stable and avoid sudden high and low temperatures. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure that the heat load of the chip dryer is balanced, so that the material is evenly dried.

Why use wood chip dryer?

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Biomass, the by-product of pulp and paper, agriculture, and municipal sludge, is perhaps the oldest source of renewable energy on Earth. Biomass’ use in energy production is currently growing worldwide at an exponential rate.

Studies show the by-product could provide up to 14% of U.S. electricity consumption in coming decades due to its clean, sustainable, and economical nature. The demand is present and with multiple challenges associated with drying biomass which need to be mitigated, it’s smart to trust the experts at RICHI wood chip dryer machine.

When used on a variety of cellulose materials, such as hemp, bagasse (sugar cane waste), brewers grains, grass, and sawdust, RICHI chips dryer machine increase the materials’ energy value while also producing a high-quality source of energy.

Processing begins in the chip dryer. RICHI dryer machine are proven performers, producing a high-volume, low moisture product that is consistent and easy to ship and store. After passing through the dryer, dried biomass is discharged to a conveyor for further sorting. The vapor from the process is pulled through the air pollution control system to remove fine particulates from the vapor stream.


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    Keeping in touch with us is an effective way to solve all your problems. If you have any needs or questions, please leave your contact information, then RICHI technical consultants will send design, quotation, videos to your mailbox. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp: +86 13838389622


      * We will store the information you have provided us. We will only use this information for the purpose of helping to answer your inquiries. We will not disclose your information to third parties.

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