5-20 T/H Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost

How Much Does 5-20 T/H Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost?

The cattle feed manufacturing unit is used for processing feed for ruminant as buffalo, cows, sheep, horse, goats, etc. We can support all the construction task, including equipment manufacturing, engineering, and site services.

feed mill for cattle feed
5-20 T/H Cattle Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost

All cattle feed manufacturing unit from Intake, cleaning, dosing, grinding, mixing, and possibly pelleting to the advanced management system, which controls the whole feed manufacturing process, is produced by RICHI.

cattle feed manufacturing plant cost

5-20T/H capacity cattle feed manufacturing plant cost

The cattle feed plant price is closely related to:

  • Production capacity and Degree of automation;
  • Factory layout design and Process flow design, equipment needed in the feed plant;
  • Cost of raw material and Cattle feed machinery;
  • Cost of labor;

The following are several cattle feed plant cost with different capacity:

CapacityTotal PowerCost (USD)
CapacityLand RequirementsInstallation cycle
8-10T/H800-2000m²45-60 Days
12-20T/H1500-3000m²60-90 Days

What we can provide is 1-160t/h cattle feed manufacturing plant design and equipment processing, this is just to show you the price of 5-20t/h feed mill equipment. If the output you need is greater than 20t/h or between 1-5t/h, welcome to consult us directly for cattle feed manufacturing unit construction plan and equipment quotation.

If you want to know the price of cattle feed mill civil engineering, feed raw materials, etc., we can also provide suggestions and relevant information for reference.

Cattle feed manufacturing plant cost with Featured design

Since the prices of civil engineering, raw materials, and labor vary greatly in different countries, for the cattle feed plant costing, we can give the exact price of the complete set of cattle feed manufacturing plant equipment (excluding the silo system) that we can provide.

5-7tph animal cattle feed mill plant

 5T/H cattle feed production

  • cattle feed plant price: 180,000-190,000 USD
  • Type: alfalfa cattle feed plant
  • customized: fully automatic, semi automatic, cattle feed mixing plant, cattle feed pellet plant, cattle feed mash plant, etc.
  • Process design: bale breaking section—crushing section—granulation section—cooling section—screening section—packing section
  • Main equipment configuration: bale breaker, alfalfa crusher, alfalfa pellet machine, cooling machine, screening machine, baler, etc.
  • The design of this cattle feed production line is very suitable for the production of 100% grass cattle feed, and the raw materials can be alfalfa, hay, elephant grass, straw, etc.
8-10tph animal cattle feed mill plant

10T/H cattle feed production

  • cattle feed manufacturing plant cost: 250,000-380,000 USD
  • Type: grain & grass cattle feed plant
  • Process design: Hemp Processing system-Materials receiving& pre-cleaning system -Crushing system-Batching& mixing system-Pelletizing& cooling& screening system-Packing& dust collecting system
  • Main equipment configuration: Hammer mill crusher, Batching scale, Drum type precleaner, Permanent magnetic sleeve, Double ribbon mixer, cattle grass Pellet machine, Cooling Machine, Rotary screener, Automatic Packing machine, etc.
15t/h animal cattle feed mill plant

15T/H cattle feed processing

  • cattle feed plant costing: 360,000-400,000 USD
  • Type: grain maize cattle feed plant (Without grass in recipe)
  • Process Design: Materials receiving& pre-cleaning system-Crushing system-Batching& mixing system-Pelletizing & cooling& screening system-Packing& dust collecting system
  • Main equipment configuration: Bucket elevator, Drum type precleaner, feed Hammer mill, Rotary distributor, Small material checking balance, Single-shaft mixer, cattle feed Pellet machine, Cooling Machine, Rotary screener, Automatic Packing machine, Oil adding system, etc.
20t/h animal cattle feed manufacturing plant

20 t/h cattle feed production line

  • cattle feed plant cost: 360,000-580,000 USD
  • Type: compound cattle pellet feed plant (Without grass in recipe)
  • Craft design: Materials Receiving & Pre-Cleaning System-Crushing System-Batching & Mixing System-Pelletizing & COOLING SYSTEM-PACKING & Dust Collecting System
  • Main equipment configuration: Drum type precleaner, Permanent magnetic sleeve, Rotary distributor, Powder precleaner, Hammer mill, Mixing machine, Pellet machine, Cooling Machine, Rotary screener, Automatic Packing machine, Sewing machine&belt conveyor, Pulse dust collector, Heating oil storage tank, Add oil line, Weight oil system, etc.

Our cattle feed manufacturing plant Solutions Come in A Modular Design So You Can Customize Them to Match Your cattle feed Production Process.

We Also Offer Services, Maintenance, Repairs, Automation, Technology Support and Training. These are all designed to deliver high quality products and cost-effective processes.

Featured cattle feed plant project cost

Generally speaking, due to the difference in the feed formula of different customers, the needed cattle animal feed mill equipment is different. In the end, the layout designs of every cattle feed manufacturing unit is specially made. Thus, we will design the cattle feed making machine plant based on the actual situation and requirements of the customer.

And we have customized many cattle feed manufacturing plants for our clients, and when they had received the equipment, they expressed their satisfaction with our design. Here are some successful cattle feed plant projects we have designed for our customers:

cattle feed pelletzing plant in Russia
5-7 t/h cattle feed pelletzing plant in Russia
  • Project date: 2022.06.09
  • cattle feed plant price: 98,000-200,000 USD
10T/H Livestock Cattle Feed Pellet Plant In Uzbekistan
10T/H Livestock cattle Feed Pellet Plant in Uzbekistan
  • Project date: 2018.09.13
  • cattle feed plant cost: 230,000-460,000 USD
5 t/h 100% cattle alfalfa pellet line in Argentina
5 t/h 100% cattle alfalfa pellet line in Argentina
  • Project date: 2021.10.11
  • cattle feed plant project cost: 180,000-270,000USD
5-10 t/h Grass cattle feed Line in New Zealand
5-10 t/h Grass cattle feed Line in New Zealand
  • Project date: 2022.10.14
  • cattle feed manufacturing plant cost: 130,000-330,000 USD
15 t/h cattle Feed making plant in Uganda
15 t/h cattle Feed making plant in Uganda
  • Project date: 2022.06.30
  • cattle feed manufacturing plant cost: 159,000-370,000 USD
20T/H Ruminant cattle Feed processing Plant in USA
20T/H Ruminant cattle Feed processing Plant in USA

How to start a 5-20 t/h cattle feed manufacturing unit?

01 Get Clear Investment Ideas about cattle feed manufacturing unit

You should know that your investment in cattle feed production is critical to all aspects. As a successful startup, you need to keep costs low. You will save a lot of money and save the pressure of finding a suitable location. The money you save can be used for marketing or transportation in the future.

If you already have a lot of experience in cattle feed production, if you have a feed factory, when you purchase new cattle feed mill equipment, you should control the quality of the equipment as effectively as possible according to your needs.

02 Choose Right cattle feed Machinery Supplier

Get the right equipment for your cattle feed manufacturing plant. RICHI Machinery is a professional cattle feed machinery manufacturer that is dedicated to the research and development of cattle feed processing equipment, ranging from small scale to large scale (1-160t/h). We have grown into the leading manufacturer in China due to the high quality equipment, excellent service and good reputation.

cattle feed manufacturing plant equipment

03 Manage the cattle feed manufacturing unit Scientifically

A cattle feed manufacturing plant may cost you a lot, therefore, requires a lot of care to maintain it performs as intended for its life span. One of the most important things to ensure cattle feed manufacturing unit machine will sustain its life is the way you operate it.

Before using the cattle feed machines, you need to read and fully understand the operation requirements of the system. We will provide a full set of training services until your technicians can operate proficiently.

In addition, all our equipment is equipped with operating instructions, no matter which country you are from or which language you speak, our operating instructions will meet your needs.

04 Make your Marketing Plan

Making a feasible marketing plan for the final soya oil is also important to earn profits for your cattle feed plant. Once you have identified a specific group of customers, you can focus on providing them with cattle feed tailored to their needs.

Cattle feed industry is evolving into an organized sector, and cattle feed manufacturers are increasingly using modern and sophisticated methods to seek to absorb global best practices.

RICHI cattle feed manufacturing plant advantages for the industry

cattle feed manufacturing plant price

Superior quality through tailored solutions

We work with you and your team to look at the critical issues that affect your feed quality, cattle feed manufacturing plant efficiency and profitability. Based on this and our many years of experience, we then create a tailored solution for your animal feed production.

cattle feeds

Safe feed for healthy cattle animals

Sanitation and feed safety are essential concerns for the cattle feed industry. We have therefore designed our cattle feed manufacturing plant equipment with a high level of hygiene, combined with validated kill steps for pathogens. This can eradicate the risk of mycotoxins and salmonella from your cattle feed production.

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We work in partnership with you

The agricultural and forestry wastes are transported into the warehouse by the conveyor, sliced by the slicing machine and then entered into the wood chip warehouse, screened by the vibrating screen, and the uniform wood chips are screened out, and then enter the washing section.


As one professional manufacturer and supplier of cattle animal feed mill plant, we are offering you the high quality and factory price cattle feed manufacturing unit, best services. We are always here for you!

If you are going to enter into the cattle feed business, you should take immediate actions to seize this opportunity. RICHI Machinery can be your best partner, we can not only provide high quality and efficient cattle feed manufacturing machines, but also customized cattle feed business plan, cattle feed plant layout and cattle feed plant project report. Contact us for your customized cattle feed manufacturing plant cost! (Find RICHI on Facebook)

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