Manure Pellet Mill

Manure Pellet Mill

  • Capacity: 5-6T/H
  • Price: 30,000-40,000 USD
  • Application: Organic fertilizer factory, compound fertilizer factory, chemical fertilizer factory, breeding farm, farm, planting field, sugar factory, sewage treatment plant, waste disposal site, food processing plant, slaughterhouse, etc.

Manure Pellet Mill

what’s MZLH420 manure pellet mill?

5-6tph Manure Pellet Mill Cost

Making manure and agri waste into fertilizer granules, it is essential for you to equip with a manure pellet machine. It is a machine for recycling your waste. RICHI MZLH420 manure pellet mill is suitable and popular in organic fertilizer production line.

Our equipment adopts ring die The granulation method has the highest granulation density of the entire equipment, and the granules will not be scattered during sales and transportation. This is also the most valuable organic fertilizer processing method. You can choose different designs and configurations according to your preference. Meanwhile, we can also provide suggestions for you if you need.

Except MZLH420, RICHI has different organic manure pellet mills for your pelleted manure factory. All these machines have different prices. From the materials they use to the size, the prices are different.

Machine Types: chicken manure pellet machine, cow dung pellet making machine, horse manure pellet maker, poultry manure pellet machine, pig manure pellet machine, goat and sheep manure pellet machine, etc.

Pelletized organic fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made in the form of granules. It has the characteristics of easy storage, transportation and application and is widely used in agricultural production. Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients, stable and long-lasting fertilizer effect, and can also loosen soil, fertilize soil, improve soil structure, improve crop yield and quality, etc.

It is an important type of fertilizer in agricultural production. Based on the growing demand for organic fertilizers in agriculture, organic fertilizer pellet mills and organic fertilizer production line equipment have also received more and more attention.

Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill

  • Using a gear transmission mechanism, the transmission efficiency is higher than other transmission forms;
  • The electric cutter adjustment mechanism can automatically adjust the pellet length through the touch screen;
  • One-click start and stop, automatic shutdown without material, automated production, and one person to control multiple machines;
  • Automatic load control system enables equipment to operate stably at high loads, increasing production and efficiency;
  • Access control security system to prevent personal harm caused by hidden dangers in safe operation;
  • The parts inside the pressing chamber that are in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and sandblasted, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic;
  • The feeding chute is equipped with a strong magnetic iron removal device, which effectively prevents iron impurities from entering the pressing chamber and causing damage to the ring mold;
  • The unloading chute is equipped with an external pneumatic discharge and anti-blocking alarm device, which can realize automatic discharge of materials when the machine is blocked;
  • The door cover is made of 304 stainless steel arc structure, which has a beautiful structure and can reduce dead corners of material accumulation.
Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill
Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill
Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill
Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill
Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill
Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill
Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill
Technical characteristics of MZLH420 manure pellet mill

advantages of MZLH420 manure pellet mill

The MZLH420 manure pellet mill is a machine that converts organic fertilizer into granules through mechanical compression and heating. It is one of the important components of the organic fertilizer production line. The following will introduce the advantages of RICHI compost pellet making machine:

  1. High production efficiency: The manure pellet machine uses mechanical compression to compress organic fertilizer into granules. It has high production efficiency and can meet the needs of large-scale organic fertilizer production.
  2. High quality granulated products: The organic fertilizer granules produced by the manure pellet mill have regular shapes, uniform particle sizes and stable quality, which can meet the needs of different users.
  3. Simple operation and convenient maintenance: The manure pellet machine is simple to operate and maintain, and can meet the needs of users.
  4. Wide range of application: The manure granulator is suitable for producing organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other products, and can meet the needs of different users.

RICHI Machinery‘s manure pellet mill is an efficient, high-quality, multi-functional machine and equipment that plays an important role in the production process of organic fertilizer.

How does the MZLH420 manure pellet mill work?

How does the MZLH420 manure pellet mill work

The raw materials are subjected to high pressure in the MZLH420 manure pellet mill, which creates a bonding force between the particles, thereby achieving molding.

Usually, the principle of compression molding is to use the mold or pressure wheel in the granulator to compress the raw materials into particles of a fixed shape.

After compression molding, the granules enter the cutting and separation area of the manure pellet mill granulator.

In this step, the pellets are cut into the required size and separated.

Specifications of MZLH420 manure pellet mill

Capacity5-6 T/H
Final Pellet2-6mm

MZLH420 manure pellet mill price

The price of MZLH420 manure pellet mill is generally 30,000-40,000 USD

The price of MZLH420 manure pellet mill equipment is not static. It is affected by many factors, such as configuration, manufacturer, competitiveness, etc. Different influencing factors will have great differences in the market quotation of its equipment.

  1. Configuration factors: Since the specific conditions of each manufacturer are different, the organic fertilizer manure pellet mills they configure are also different. Generally speaking, the larger the equipment model and capacity configured by the user, the higher the requirements for the equipment. The higher the market price will be, and the smaller the equipment model and capacity configured, the lower the market price will be.
  2. Equipment manufacturer factors: Different manure pellet mill manufacturers have different strength, scale, production experience, and production materials. Therefore, the cost of their production equipment is also different, which affects the quotation of the equipment. If the equipment manufacturing cost is high, the price will be high; if the processing cost is low, the price will be relatively low.
  3. Competitiveness factors: In the current economic downturn, there is great competition in various industries, and the same is true for manufacturers of manure pellet mills. The greater the competition, the lower the price of the equipment produced, and the competition is not If the price is large, the price of the organic fertilizer granulator equipment will be relatively high.
  4. Materials used: Materials also have a certain impact on the price of manure pellet mills. Since the quality of materials directly affects the performance of organic fertilizer granulators and the quality of organic fertilizers, if the equipment and materials are good, then the organic fertilizer produced will be The granulator has high quality, good performance and long service life, but of course the price is also high. Therefore, the different materials used in the organic fertilizer granulator will also have a certain impact on its price.
  5. Market demand: When the market has high requirements for manure pellet mills, but there are few such equipment on the market, the price of organic fertilizer granulators will be relatively high. On the contrary, if the market demand is not large, but the more equipment circulating in the market, the lower the price of the organic fertilizer pellet mill will be.

Featured manure pellet mill project

manure pellet mill In Vietnam

manure pellet mill In Vietnam

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Production: 2500 t/a
  • Ingredients: industrial waste
  • project price: 80,000 USD
manure pellet mill In Mexico

manure pellet mill In Mexico

  • Country: Mexico
  • Production: 10,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: livestock manure
  • project price: US$110,000
Manure Pellet Mill In United States

manure pellet mill In United States

  • Country: United States
  • Production: 50,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: poultry litter
  • project price: US$430,000
manure pellet mill In Lithuania

manure pellet mill In Lithuania

  • Country: Lithuania
  • Production: 35,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: food waste
  • project price: 410,000USD
manure pellet mill In Thailand

manure pellet mill In Thailand

  • Country: Thailand
  • Production: 55,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: chicken manure
  • project cost: 570,000 USD
Manure Pellet Mill In Indonesia

manure pellet mill In indonesia

  • Country: indonesia
  • Production: 10,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: animal manure, straw
  • project cost: 190,000 USD
Manure Pellet Mill In Canada

manure pellet mill In canada

  • Country: canada
  • Production: 6,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: livestock manure
  • project cost: $160,000
manure pellet mill In Pakistan

manure pellet mill In Pakistan

  • Country: Pakistan
  • Production: 30,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: cow manure, Bagasse
  • project cost: $385,000 USD

How to process organic manure pellets? Complete 4-5 t/h manure pellet process flow

The following will introduce the production process of manure organic fertilizer production line:

How to process organic manure pellets
Complete 4-5 t/h manure pellet process flow

1. Raw material preparation

The raw materials of granular organic fertilizer mainly include animal and plant residues, agricultural waste, feces and other organic matter. During the production process, these raw materials need to be processed and processed.

First, the raw materials are crushed to make their particle size uniform; then, the crushed raw materials are composted, adding an appropriate amount of water and fermentation agent to promote the decomposition and transformation of organic matter; finally, the composted raw materials are screened and removed. Impurities, remove impurities and substances that are not conducive to particle formation.

2. Fermentation treatment

Composted raw materials need to be fermented. First, the raw materials are piled to form a certain compost volume. Then, by controlling the temperature, humidity, ventilation and other conditions of the compost pile, the decomposition and fermentation of organic matter are promoted.

During the fermentation process, the pile needs to be turned regularly to increase the supply of oxygen and accelerate the decomposition of organic matter and the fermentation rate. Through fermentation treatment, the organic matter in the raw materials is converted into stable organic fertilizer.

3. Granulation treatment

The organic matter after fermentation needs to be granulated. The purpose of granulation processing is to form organic materials into granules for easy storage, transportation and application. Granulation is usually carried out using a manure pellet mill.

  • First, the fermented organic matter is ground to make its pellets uniform in size;
  • then, the ground organic matter is mixed with a binder to increase the stability of the pellets;
  • finally, the mixture is pressed and shaped through a manure pellet mill, forming pellet manure organic fertilizer.

4. Drying treatment

The granulated organic fertilizer needs to be dried. The purpose of drying treatment is to reduce the moisture content of the pellets and improve the stability and storage of the pellets. Usually a dryer is used for drying. The granulated organic fertilizer is put into the manure dryer, and the water inside the granules is evaporated by the action of hot air, so that the granules reach a certain moisture content. Dried organic fertilizer can be stored for a long time and is not easy to deteriorate.

5. Packaging and storage

The dried pellet organic fertilizer needs to be packaged and stored. It is usually packaged in sealed packaging materials such as plastic bags to prevent moisture and air from entering. Packaged organic fertilizers should be stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse away from direct sunlight and rain. At the same time, attention should be paid to moisture-proofing to prevent organic fertilizers from deteriorating and failing.

The production process of organic fertilizer pellets includes steps such as raw material preparation, fermentation treatment, granulation treatment, drying treatment, packaging and storage.

By controlling these steps scientifically and rationally, granular bio-organic fertilizers with stable quality and rich nutrition can be produced to provide effective nutritional supplements for agricultural production.

whole set manure pellet mill system list

Compost Turner machine

Compost Turner

Turning height:
0.5-2.0 m

32-300 KW

Compost Grinder

Compost Grinder


Main Power:

organic Fertilizer Mixer

organic Fertilizer Mixer

250-2000 kg/P

Main Power:
4-30 KW

organic fertilizer Dryer machine

organic fertilizer Dryer machine


Rotate Speed:
3-8 R/Min

organic fertilizer pellet making machine

organic fertilizer pellet making machine


Main Power:

fertilizer pellet cooler machine for sale

Pellet Cooler Machine


Main Power:
0.75-2.05 KW

organic fertilizer pellet screener

vibrating screening machine


Main Power:

organic fertilizer pellet bagging machine

Automatic Bagging Machine

6-12 Bags/Min

Main Power:

How to choose manure pellet mill?

The so-called manure pellet mill equipment selection is to select the best solution from a variety of different models and specifications of equipment that can meet the same needs and make a purchase decision through technical and economic analysis and evaluation. Reasonable selection of equipment can maximize economic benefits from limited funds.

The principles that should be followed when selecting compost granulating machine are as follows:

  • The first thing to consider is its suitability for production. Only equipment that is suitable for production can achieve its investment effect;
  • The second is technological advancement. Technical advancement must be based on production suitability and aim to obtain maximum economic benefits;
  • Finally, unify production applicability, technological advancement and economic rationality.

Generally speaking, technological advancement and economic rationality are unified. Because technologically advanced equipment not only has high production efficiency, but also produces high-quality products.

How to choose manure pellet mill

01 Selection of main parameters of the equipment

① Productivity

The productivity of manure pellet mill equipment is generally expressed by the product output of the equipment per unit time (minutes, hours, shifts, years).

Equipment productivity must be compatible with the company’s business policy, factory planning, production plan, transportation capacity, technical strength, labor force, power and raw material supply.

You cannot blindly demand that the higher the productivity, the better. Otherwise, the production will be unbalanced and not only will not be able to give full play to the effect is to cause losses.

② Craftsmanship

The most basic thing about manure pellet mill is that they must meet the technical requirements of the fertilizer process. The ability of the organic fertilizer granulator machine to meet the requirements of the production process is called processability.

In addition to the basic requirements, the requirements for equipment operation and control are also very important. Generally, the manure pellet mill is required to be light in operation and flexible in control.

02 Equipment reliability and maintainability

① Equipment reliability is a prerequisite for maintaining and improving equipment productivity.

People who invest in equipment hope that the equipment can work without failure in order to achieve the expected purpose. This is the concept of equipment reliability. Reliability lies largely in equipment design and manufacturing. Therefore, the design and manufacturing quality of the equipment must be considered when selecting manure pellet mill equipment.

When selecting equipment reliability, it is required to make the mean failure interval of its main components as long as possible. Specifically, the safety factor, redundancy design, environmental design, component stability design, safety design and human resources can be selected from the equipment design. Analyze machine factors and other aspects.

With the continuous updating of products, the reliability requirements of equipment are also constantly increasing. Equipment designers and manufacturers should provide reliability indicators of product design to facilitate users to select manure pellet mill equipment.

② Maintainability of equipment

People always hope that the manure pellet mill equipment they invest in can be easily repaired once it breaks down, that is, the equipment has good maintainability. When selecting equipment, the maintainability of the equipment can be measured from the following aspects:

  • The technical drawings and information of the equipment are complete. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to understand the structure of the equipment and is easy to disassemble and inspect.
  • The structural design should be reasonable. The overall layout of the equipment structure should comply with the principle of accessibility. Each component and structure should be easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.
  • Structure simplicity. On the premise of meeting the usage requirements, the structure of the equipment should be as simple as possible. The fewer parts that need to be repaired, the better. It should be easier to disassemble and quickly replace wearing parts.
  • Principles of standardization and combination. The manure pellet mill equipment uses standard parts and components as much as possible, can be easily disassembled into several independent parts, devices and components, and can be assembled into a complete machine without special means.
  • Advanced structure. The equipment should be designed using the principles of automatic adjustment, automatic wear compensation and preventive measures as much as possible.
  • Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis capabilities. Instruments, meters, sensors and supporting instruments on the manure pellet mill equipment can be used to monitor the temperature, pressure, voltage, current, vibration frequency, power consumption, efficiency, automatic detection of finished products and equipment output parameter dynamics of relevant parts of the equipment to judge the technology of the organic manure making machine.
  • Provide special tools and instruments, appropriate spare parts, or have convenient supply channels.
How to choose manure pellet mill
How to choose manure pellet mill
How to choose manure pellet mill

03 Equipment safety and operability

① The safety of equipment is the performance of the manure pellet mill equipment in ensuring production safety, that is, the equipment should have the necessary safety protection design and devices to avoid human and machine accidents and economic losses.

During equipment selection, if you encounter newly put into use safety protection components, you must ask them to provide experimental and usage reports and other information.

② The operability of manure pellet mill equipment belongs to the category of ergonomics. The general requirements are convenience, reliability, safety, and compliance with ergonomic principles. The main matters that usually need to be considered are as follows:

  • The operating mechanism and its location comply with the requirements of labor protection regulations and are suitable for operators of average size.
  • Fully consider the physiological limits of the operator, and do not allow the operator to withstand ultra-high physical limits of operating force, activity rhythm, movement speed, endurance, etc. within the legal operating time.
  • The design of the equipment and its operating room must meet the requirements that are conducive to reducing the mental fatigue of workers.

04 Environmental protection and energy saving of equipment

The environmental protection of equipment usually refers to the degree of impact of its noise, vibration and harmful substance emissions on the surrounding environment. When selecting equipment, it must be required that its noise, vibration frequency and harmful substance emissions are controlled within the scope of national and regional standards. .

When selecting, no matter what type of enterprise, the manure pellet mill equipment purchased must comply with various standards and requirements stipulated in the “Energy Law” of the country where it is located.

05 Economy of equipment

The main economic factors that should be considered when selecting equipment include:

  • Initial investment;
  • Adaptability to the product;
  • Production efficiency;
  • Durability;
  • Energy and raw material consumption;
  • Maintenance and repair costs, etc.

The initial investment of manure pellet mill equipment mainly refers to purchase fees, transportation and insurance fees, installation fees, auxiliary facilities fees, training fees, customs fees, etc.

When purchasing manure pellet mill equipment, you cannot simply seek cheap prices and reduce the evaluation criteria of other influencing factors. In particular, you must fully consider the costs of downtime losses, maintenance, spare parts and energy consumption, as well as various management fees.

How to choose an manure pellet mill manufacturer?

The purchase of manure pellet mills is directly related to the production efficiency and product quality of the organic fertilizer production line. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable equipment manufacturer. RICHI will discuss the key factors that should be considered when choosing an organic fertilizer pellet machine manufacturer.

1. Understand the strength of the manufacturer

When choosing an equipment manufacturer, you must first understand its comprehensive strength. This includes the manufacturer’s production scale, technical level, research and development capabilities, market reputation, etc. You can comprehensively evaluate the strength of the manufacturer by visiting its production base, learning about its past project cases, and asking professionals in the industry.

2. Examine equipment performance

The performance of the equipment is directly related to the production efficiency and product quality of the manure pellet mill.

Therefore, when selecting equipment, an in-depth examination of its performance should be conducted. Including equipment stability, degree of automation, production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider whether the equipment complies with relevant national standards and regulations.

3. Consider after-sales service

The after-sales service of equipment is also an aspect that cannot be ignored when choosing a manufacturer. Excellent manufacturers should be able to provide complete after-sales services, including equipment installation and commissioning, operator training, regular maintenance, etc.

In addition, manufacturers should also be able to respond to customers’ maintenance needs in a timely manner to ensure that the fertilizer granulation equipment can operate stably during the production process.

Prospects and market analysis of organic fertilizers

The so-called organic fertilizer made by manure pellet mill refers to natural fertilizer, which is widely used in agricultural production. It can improve the soil environment and allow crops to grow better. So what is the future of organic fertilizers?

Prospects and market analysis of organic fertilizers

01 Meet the demand for green and pollution-free food

It is of great significance to use organic fertilizers instead of traditional chemical fertilizers to provide a variety of nutrients to crops and improve the quality of agricultural products. Therefore, we should pay attention to the use of organic fertilizers, use organic fertilizers to meet people’s demand for green, pollution-free food, and make organic fertilizers more widely used in agricultural production.

02 The demand for organic fertilizers is increasing

Most countries around the world have agricultural sectors, and growing crops requires a huge amount of fertilizers. Moreover, with the rapid development of social economy, the development of organic agriculture and ecological agriculture is also gradually increasing. The market prospects for organic fertilizers are very promising.

03 Can reduce pollution

In rural areas, there are many natural fertilizers, that is, various animal feces produced by breeding enterprises, which are actually very good fertilizers. However, in the process of urbanization and the continuous large-scale development of agriculture, these organic wastes are considered It is a product of environmental pollution. Composting with organic fertilizers can mitigate the effects of these problems.

04 Improve soil environment

In recent years, soil pollution caused by traditional chemical fertilizers and excessive heavy metals in the soil have promoted the development space of my country’s organic fertilizer market. Moreover, the development of organic fertilizer industry is also one of the effective measures to prevent and control eutrophication of water bodies in my country.

05 Organic fertilizer has high nutritional content

Organic fertilizers made by manure pellet mill contain many types of nutrients, which can not only provide nutrients for crops, but also enhance their disease resistance, drought resistance, and waterlogging tolerance; they can increase production, improve crop quality, and improve food safety.

In the future, it is believed that organic fertilizers will slowly replace traditional fertilizers and be widely used in agricultural production. This shows that the market development potential of organic fertilizers is huge. (Find RICHI on YouTube)

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