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1.5-2T/H Floating Feed Production

Richi Machinery specializes in the research and development of floating fish feed processing line equipment, equipped with advanced processing technology and strict quality supervision system guarantee, and can tailor-made extruded fish feed line to meet various performance requirements.

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1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Feed Processing Line

RICHI 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed process line adopts feed extruding technology and is divided into low, medium, high and other design schemes, which are suitable for the processing of various types of floating fish feed.

The feed extruding technology has strong applicability and is not only suitable for extruding materials with high starch and fat content, but also can extrude and process a wider range of feed types.

1.5-2tph fish feed processing line

It is precisely because puffing has so many advantages that more and more aqua feed companies have begun to apply it to the processing of special aquatic feeds, pet feeds and other animal feeds. a major development direction.

As the world’s leading feed equipment, storage equipment and complete floating fish feed processing system service provider, in recent years, Richi Machinery has made continuous breakthroughs in the continuous promotion of core technology construction, new product research and development, and expansion of market layout, especially in aquatic products.

Many high-tech floating fish feed processing plants help customers create a full range of high-end aquatic feeds.

Richi Machinery has always insisted on innovating our products and processes around the needs of customers, and has successively developed a series of core aquatic equipment, such as 75×2, 125×2, 155×2 and other specifications of the twin-screw extruder for aquatic products; 500, 1000, 2000 and other specifications of vertical vacuum spraying machine; natural gas type, steam type horizontal fish feed dryer machine, etc.

Flow Chart Of 1.5-2TPH Floating Fish Feed Processing Line

In addition, we have also developed a variety of high-quality equipment such as a special hammer mill feed grinder for aquatic products, a special high-efficiency granulator for shrimp feed, etc.

Especially the recently developed twin-screw special fish feed extruder machine for aquatic products, which has strong adaptability and can be It is suitable for precise processing of various formulas such as low starch, high protein and high oil.

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The screw and bushing can be equipped with new wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, and the service life is more than twice the current industry average.

The floating fish feed extruder machine can also be equipped with two density control systems according to different needs of customers to meet the needs of customers to process floating and sinking feed at the same time. All these have brought new development value to customers, and have been highly recognized by the market and many domestic customers.

Standard Process Design Of 1.5-2T/H Fish Feed Processing plant

The 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed manufacturing process is: feeding and cleaning → crushing → batching → micro-grinding → mixing → adding water and mixing → extruding and granulating → cooling&drying → packaging.

The crushing particle size of the raw materials should be below 0.5mm, which is not only conducive to puffing and granulation, but also improves the utilization rate of nutrients in the raw materials; adding water and mixing is a key step, and the moisture content of the raw materials should be controlled between 23% and 30%.

floating fish feed making process

If the moisture is too low, it is difficult to puff, and it is easy to block; if the moisture is too high, the puffing may not be sufficient, which will affect the molding.

The 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line generally adopts a wet extrusion extruder. The raw materials are extruded and pushed by a screw in the fish feed extruder to generate high temperature and high pressure. The moisture in the product evaporates rapidly, the volume expands, and the specific gravity becomes lighter. After cutting and forming, it is cooled and dried to room temperature, and the moisture content is below 12% for packaging.

With the development of the aquaculture industry in the direction of large-scale, intensive and specialization, the requirements for aquafeed are also getting higher and higher.

The traditional powder compound feed and pellet compound feed have poor water stability, fast settling speed, the disadvantages of feed loss and waste and water pollution have become more and more unsuitable for the needs of modern aquaculture.

Floating feed made by 1.5-2t/h fish feed processing line can better overcome these disadvantages of powder and pellet feed, and is an ideal feed variety for modern aquaculture, have better market potential and market prospects.

  • Reliability and cost efficiency
  • Process knowledge and experience
  • Maximum extruded fish feed production
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Short and effective shutdowns
  • Improved energy efficiency
fish feed plant cost floating fish feed making machine price

01 1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Feed Line Price

80000-400,000 USD

02 Application

1.5-2T/H floating fish feed processing line can process floating fish feed, pet feed, and can also be upgraded to a combined feed production line, and can process shrimp feed, special feed, livestock and poultry feed, premix and other products at the same time.

1.5-2tph floating fish feed processing line floating fish feed machine

03 Can Be Customized

  • ① The entire 1.5-2t/h fish feed processing plant adopts a modular design, which can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, formula, plant structure, floor space and other requirements;
  • ② 1.5-2T/H floating fish feed lines with various forms (extruded pellet, powder, pelletized feed), various raw materials and formulas can be customized;
  • ③ In addition to floating fish feed, if customers also want to process shrimp feed, livestock and poultry feed, pet feed, premix and other types, they can customize the complete feed production line plan according to the customer’s product plan;
  • ④ If the customer wants to reserve the possibility of expanding the 1.5-2t/h fish feed processing systemcapacity in the future, we will customize the plan according to the customer’s plan.
1.5-2tph floating fish feed processing line fish feed production
  • ⑤ In addition to the program customization of the process flow and equipment layout, we can customize the layout and program of the whole 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line according to customer needs, including the layout of laboratories, central control rooms, office buildings, boiler rooms, restaurants, etc.
  • ⑥ All 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing equipment and electrical component laboratory equipment can be configured according to customer requirements, and motor and electrical component brands can also be changed according to customer needs.
  • ⑦ In addition to new construction, it can also undertake technical renovation projects for floating fish feed plants. There are several benefits to be gained from continuous upgrades, optimizations, and services on your equipment:
fish feed mill plant cost fish feed production machine

04 Composition Of Complete 1.5-2T/H Fish Feed Processing Line

The following is only the composition of the standard 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing system, which can be designed according to the actual product type, fish feed making process, formula and investment budget.

Silo system
Raw materials revieving and crushing system
First-time crushing system
First-time batching and mixing system
Fine crushing system (Second-time crushing system )
Second-time mixing system
Extruding and pelleting system
Drying system
Crumbling system
Liquid adding & coating system
Cooling system
Screening system
Packaging system
MCC Control Center; Mimic Control Panel (CPP Computer System, Batching System (Computer controlled), Cables & Cable Bridge Tube)
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05 List of 1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Feed Processing Equipment

The following is only the core fish food processing machine list of the standard 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line , and the equipment can be configured according to the actual product type, process, formula and investment budget.

Pulse dust collector Scraper conveyor
Bucket elevatorPnenmatic three-way
Drum pre-cleanerPermanent magnet drum
Storage binHammer mill
Air-locked conveyor Batching bins
Batching scalePremix scale
High efficiency mixer Buffer bin
Double cycloneUltrafine grinder
Screw conveyor Square plansifter
Twin screw extruderCoating machine
Fish feed dryer machineRotary screener
Screening systemCooling machine
Automatic packing machine Sewing machine

About feed formula:

The feed formula of extruded floating fish feed should be designed according to the nutritional needs of various fish species and the characteristics of 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line extruding. It should ensure that more than 20% of the starch raw materials are in the raw material ratio. The additives should be selected to withstand high temperature, especially vitamins, high-resistant varieties should be used or the dosage should be increased.

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The ratio of raw materials, starch content and moisture content in the raw materials, extrusion temperature and pressure, and the rotation speed of the fish feed extruder machine all affect the quality of extrusion, especially the starch content and moisture content in the raw materials and the extrusion temperature. These factors should be comprehensively adjusted in 1.5-2t/h floating fish food processing line to produce extruded floating feed with better quality.

Cases of 1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Feed Processing Line

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1.5 t/h floating fish feed processing line in Uzbekistan

With a dedicated global service team backed by sales teams around the world, Richi Machinery can provide impressive lead times and delivery quality in the industry.

Equipment Selection of 1.5-2 t/h fish feed processing line 

In recent years, the feed industry has shown a trend of rapid development, especially aquatic feed, and its quality, price, brand and service have increasingly attracted the attention of the market. In order to be invincible in the fierce market competition, various feed production enterprises have improved the appearance of the feed and the internal quality of the feed by adjusting the 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line production process and floating fish feed production equipment.

In order to produce high-quality aquafeed, perfect aquafeed processing technology and suitable aquafeed processing equipment are the key, because different process designs and processing equipment often produce different effects.

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Grinding particle size and equipment

Generally, in the production of ordinary aquatic feed (such as carp, grass carp and silver carp, etc.), the particle size of raw materials before pelleting is 40-60 mesh, but when producing special aquatic feed (such as shrimp, eel, soft-shelled turtle, etc.), before pelleting, the crushing particle size of raw materials must reach 80 mesh or more.

The pulverized particle size of the raw material determines the surface area of the feed composition. The finer the particle size, the larger the surface area. It has a strong ability to absorb water in steam before extrusion, which is beneficial to conditioning and extruded pellet forming, so that the pellets have good water stability, and at the same time prolong the residence time of feed in aquatic animals.

fish feed plant floating sinking fish feed plant manufacturer

In order to achieve the ideal crushing particle size, the common hammer mill used in the past is difficult to adapt to the crushing particle size required for the production of fish feed. Therefore, it is required to choose better crushing equipment. At present, the popular “drop-type” hammer mill pulverizer at home and abroad uses a unique design idea.

One fish feed pulverizer can form two kinds of hammer-screen gaps, which are suitable for ordinary pulverization and fine pulverization respectively. According to the requirements of fish feed production, the power consumption per ton of feed is low, which can reduce the 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line production cost.

If special aquatic feeds such as prawns, eels, soft-shelled turtles, and crabs are produced, the crushing particle size is required to be finer. In the past, the micro-grinding of aquatic feeds often used a secondary grinding process, that is, coarse grinding and then micro-grinding. The second-step micro-grinding generally used a micro-grinder and a micro-classifier to achieve the required grinding particle size.

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This 1.5-2t/h fish feed processing line process occupies a large area, and the size of the crushing size needs to be achieved by replacing the sieve plates with different apertures and adjusting the air volume of the system, and it is easy to cause the temperature of the crushed material to rise sharply, the nutrients are destroyed, and the phenomenon of sieve blocking often occurs, resulting in equipment wear and high energy consumption and other issues.

 If a sieveless pulverizer can be used, the influence of the sieve plate can be eliminated, and the pulverizer with its own classifier can be omitted. The return material treatment has low material temperature, low power consumption, high output, and the thickness can be adjusted according to needs, there is no need to separately support the micro-classification machine.

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Vertical shaft micro-grinder is a micro-grinding equipment that integrates grinding, screening and separation, which can meet the requirements of grinding particle size for producing special aquatic feed.

Since the crushing chamber and the grading chamber are located in the same body, the equipment can simultaneously complete the processes of crushing, air screening, separation and re-crushing, which can effectively prevent over crushing.

Built-in high-precision micron-level wind classification, the crushing particle size can reach 60-200 mesh, and can be adjusted arbitrarily as needed. The temperature rise of the crushed material is low, especially suitable for the crushing of heat-sensitive materials.

The whole 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line process has compact structure, small footprint, low power consumption per ton of material, uniform particle size and high output after crushing. It is an ideal micro-grinding equipment for producing special aquatic feed.

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Mixing section and equipment

In addition to the raw material particle size requirements for aquatic feed, attention should also be paid to the selection of mixing process and feed mixing machine, because the performance of the mixer and the effect of use directly affect the production efficiency and product quality of the 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line. Most of the aquatic feed processing adopts the secondary mixing process.

 Since the second crushing is carried out after batching and mixing, and the crushed materials are conveyed by wind (or other conveying methods), the possibility of classification of the materials increases, so the materials are granulated. Mixing should be added again before, and trace additives or liquid additives should be added during the second mixing.

In order to ensure product quality, the CV value of the coefficient of variation of the mixing uniformity of the powder before extrusion should be less than 7%.

floating fish feed processing line fish feed plant project report

In general, a horizontal ribbon mixer can be used for the first mixing, and a double-shaft paddle high-efficiency mixer must be used for the second mixing. The mixing uniformity coefficient of variation CV of the mixer is less than or equal to 5%.

In order to ensure that the mixing time does not exceed the pulverizing time, and can be equal to or similar to the batching cycle of the batching scale, the selected fish feed mixer machine is required to mix the materials evenly in a relatively short period of time.

The double-shaft paddle high-efficiency mixer uses a new mixing mechanism to achieve the required mixing uniformity. The coefficient of variation of the mixing uniformity is CV≤5%, and the best can reach 3%. The mixing time of each batch is 30-120s, which is significantly shortened. Mixing cycles to improve production efficiency.

The mixing process of the equipment is mild, without segregation, and the material is discharged quickly and without residue. The machine is equipped with a liquid addition tube, which can add oil and other liquids.

floating fish feed mill plant floating fish feed pellet machine

Extrusion technology and equipment

Feed extruding technology is mainly used in the production of aquatic floating fish feed, pet feed and other animal feed. The conversion rate of extruded feed is higher than that of pelleted feed, mainly because the raw materials are processed at high temperature and high pressure in the extrusion process, starch gelatinization and protein denaturation are more sufficient, which can effectively prevent animal digestive tract diseases and improve the digestion and absorption of feeding animals. Generally, it can improve the digestion and absorption rate by 10% to 35%.

The feed extruding technology of floating fish feed processing line has strong applicability and is not only suitable for extruding materials with high starch and fat content, but also can extrude a wider range of feed resources.

It is precisely because of the advantages of puffing that more and more floating fish feed production lines have begun to apply them to the processing of special aquatic feeds, pet feeds and other animal feeds. In many countries, it has been used on a large scale, and it will definitely become a major development direction of the entire feed industry.

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At present, the extruder selected by the 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed production line is mainly a twin-screw extruder. The floating fish feed extruder machine consists of a feeding system, a transmission system, an extrusion and kneading system, a discharging die and an electric control system.

Since puffing has many advantages, the application of puffing technology in 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed processing line has gradually increased, and will be favored by more feed manufacturers. The extruding process can be used to produce floating, sinking, slow sinking or semi-moist aquafeed on demand.

The feed is processed by extrusion, which reduces bacterial content and improves storage stability. To produce high-quality feeds required by the majority of farmers, especially aquatic feeds and special feeds of different varieties, each floating fish feed processing unit and floating fish feed enterprise should choose the appropriate fish food processing machine according to its own product requirements.

project report on 1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Feed Processing Line

fish feed making plant for sale china

1.5 t/h floating fish feed processing project

The client of this 1.5t/h floating fish feed processing line project is mainly engaged in the processing, manufacturing and sales of aquatic feed and livestock feed. In order to meet the needs of market development, this expansion project plans to adjust the production scale. The customer carried out technical transformation of the feed production line of the original project, dismantled all the original production lines, optimized the scale and composition of the products, and renovated the 1.5t/h floating fish feed project in the already built workshop, and built a new warehouse and a workshop.

Among them, Richi Machinery has contracted to build an aquafeed production line with an annual output of 4,000 tons. Aquatic feed production equipment includes: 14 scraper conveyors, 3 bucket elevators, 1 fish feed extruder machine, 1 fish food dryer, 1 superfine pulverizer, 1 spraying machine, 2 grading sieves, baler 1 set, 2 cylinder warehouses. Before the expansion of the project, the annual output of various feeds is about 120,000 tons/year.

fish feed manufacturing plant project report

After the expansion, it is expected to increase the aquatic feed by 4,000 tons, reduce the scale of livestock feed by 2,000 tons, and the total scale will increase by 2,000 tons/year. The plant is equipped with two boilers, the main boiler is a 5t/h natural gas-fired steam boiler, and the standby boiler is a 1t/h natural gas-fired steam boiler.

  • Project Nature: Reconstruction & Expansion
  • Project products: tilapia feed, grass carp feed, fork fish feed
  • Working system: 8 hours a day, about 300 days a year. The project sets up a staff canteen, which provides 2 meals a day for employees, and does not set up staff dormitories.
  • Annual power consumption: 5010000 kwh/a
  • Annual water consumption: 3250m3/a
  • Gas consumption (natural gas): 900,000 m3/a
  • The annual consumption of raw materials: 47260t/a
  • Project raw materials: corn, bran, soybean meal, fish meal, stone meal, cotton meal, soybean oil, lard, flour, fish oil, corn gluten meal, corn germ meal, rice bran, rapeseed meal, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, bacterial protein powder, Corn gluten feed, lysine, peanut meal, other ingredients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements)

Expansion content of 1.5 t/h floating fish feed processing line

  • Production workshop: There is 1 existing production workshop, and a new 1.5t/h floating fish feed line is added. It is located in the production workshop, with a construction area of 2378.8m2;
  • Raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse: There are 1 livestock and poultry raw material warehouse, 1 livestock and poultry finished product warehouse and 1 finished aquatic feed warehouse. Based on the existing project, two new cylindrical warehouses are added at the same time.
floating fish feed mill plant steps involved in fish feed production

Process design of 1.5 t/h floating fish feed processing line

The production of 1.5t/h floating fish food processing line adopts primary mixing, primary crushing, secondary crushing and secondary batching to complete the processing of extruded pellet feed and powdery raw materials. The main floating fish feed manufacturing processes are as follows:

01 Feeding—— Materials are fed in two ways:

  • Large-size materials such as corn are directly fed into the feeding chamber by trucks for closed feeding;
  • The bagged raw materials such as fish meal are fed by manual feeding (there are two feeding ports), and the dust generated by feeding is treated by two bag filter and then discharged through the 8m exhaust pipe.
fish feed plant cost floating fish pellet machine for sale fish feed pellet machine

02 Crushing:

The pulverization process is carried out in the basement. After the pulverization is completed, the materials are sent to the upper level by suction to carry out simple classification and batching of various raw and auxiliary materials. After the first mixing, it needs to be pulverized by an ultrafine pulverizer for the second time.

03 Conditioning——1.5T/H Fish Feed Processing Line:

It is mainly to continue to add trace additives and water to the mixed ingredients.

04 Extrusion:

The mixed feed is made into a specific granular form, and the material is cooked for a period of time under high temperature (temperature between 120 and 130℃), high humidity and high pressure, during which the physical and chemical properties of the material change drastically (Mainly starch gelatinization, protein denaturation), the instantaneous pressure dropped from the die hole, the water in the feed is converted from liquid to gas, and it is emitted from the feed to cause the material to expand. (Related product: twin screw extruder for sale

fish feed plant cost fish feed pelleting machine

05 Drying and spraying:

After the material is extruded by the twin screw extruder, it forms moist and soft particles, which are released from the floating fish extruder. Enter the dryer for drying, reduce the moisture, and then use the air pressure of the air compressor to spray the fish oil and other additives on the surface of the feed. (Related product:Fish Feed Dryer Machine)

06 Cooling & screening & packing:

After the feed passes through the external spraying system, it needs to be cooled and screened, and finally packaged into products.

fish feed plant cost fish feed machines

The 1.5t/h floating fish feed processing project is equipped with a special feeding room, in which large-diameter materials such as corn, sorghum, and soybean meal are set up with a special feeding room for airtight feeding.

The feeding room is closed during the feeding process, which can be regarded as 100% airtight. Small particle size powders such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are manually fed. After two sets of bag dust removal treatment facilities are set up, they are led to an 8m exhaust pipe for discharge. Very little dust is generated during the feeding process.

Among the raw materials used in this 1.5t/h floating fish feed processing line project, fish meal, cottonseed meal, etc. will produce unpleasant fishy smell gas .

Through the actual investigation of existing enterprises, it is difficult to quantify the odor produced by fish meal in feed production. Generally, fish meal raw materials and feed products are relatively dry, and both raw materials and products are packaged in woven bags containing plastic films, which have less odor.

floating fish feed machine 1.5-2tph floating fish feed processing line

A small amount of peculiar smell will be produced in the puffing, drying and cooling processes during the storage and production of fish meal raw materials. In this 1.5t/h floating fish feed processing project, the waste gas generated by the granulation and cooling process, the puffing and granulation process, the drying process and the puffing and cooling process is collected by pipelines and discharged through a 30m exhaust pipe.

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2T/H floating fish feed line project

The client of this 2t/h floating fish feed processing line project is a technology-based joint-stock enterprise integrating feed research and development, production and sales. At present, complete compound feeds for livestock, poultry and aquatic products have been developed and developed, with a total of 117 varieties in more than ten series, which are widely used in the breeding of livestock, poultry, aquatic products and other agricultural products.

During this period, the company has formed a competitive advantage by putting into use of Richi Machinery’s fish extruder and shrimp feed pelletizer stand-alone products and molds. This time, the 2t/h floating fish feed production project is a small eel feed production line newly built by the customer – a number of RICHI fish feed pulverizers and fish feed mixers have been put into use.

where to buy fish feed pellet machine in nigeria

The total investment of the 2t/h floating fish feed processing line project is 110,000 US dollars, covering an area of 4,056 square meters. The use of RICHI high-efficiency fish food processing machine also indicates that the product quality will further improve the market competitiveness, and its coverage will become more and more extensive.

  • Project nature: New construction. To rent an industrial plant, you only need to install the production equipment.
  • Project product: eel feed
  • Annual output: 5000 tons
  • Product shape: powder
  • Power consumption: 100,000 kWh/year
  • Water consumption: 120m³/a
  • Main workshop: the area is 25 m×20 m, and the height is about 12 m
  • Working system: 10 employees, 300 working days a year, 8 hours a day, 8:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00. There are no canteens and staff dormitories in the project site.
  • Project investment: 110,000 USD

Main raw materials 2 t/h fish feed processing line project

Raw materialUsage (t/a)Raw materialUsage (t/a)
Fish meal3250Starch1250
Vitamin80brewer’s yeast250
Citric acid 30Table salt20
Choline50Soybean lecithin70
floating fish feed mill plant fish food making machine

Composition of 2 t/h floating fish feed project

  • Main workshop: Approx. 500 m², 1 for eel feed processing such as crushing, mixing and packaging;
  • Office: Approx. 300 m2, 1 for daily office use;
  • Warehouse: Approx. 3256 m², 2 for storing product and raw materials;
  • Power Distribution System: Supply electricity for production and office life;
  • Water and drainage system: The source of water supply is municipal tap water, and the domestic sewage is treated by an independent domestic sewage treatment facility and discharged into nearby rivers;
  • Separate domestic sewage treatment facility: Sewage Treatment
  • Bag Dust Collector: The crushing and batching equipment is equipped with bag dust removal device.

Main fish feed production Equipment

The 2t/h fish feed processing equipment is tightly connected by pipelines, and the feed mixer and feed pulverizer belong to the integrated production equipment.

Device nameQTY
Fish feed mixer4
Fish feed crushers2

Process flow of 2 t/h fish feed processing line project

The production process of this 2t/h fish feed processing plant project is relatively simple. In the project, the purchased raw and auxiliary materials such as fish meal, starch and vitamins are put into the suction trough of the fish food pulverizer according to a certain proportion. It is then transported to the mixer through the pipeline to mix evenly, and manually packaged according to certain specifications. After sealing and packaging, it can become a product.

The 2t/h fish feed line project adopts integrated equipment, 2 crushing and batching lines, of which 1 line is equipped with 2 feed mixers and 1 pulverizer, and the other line is equipped with 1 mixer and 1 pulverizer. A total of 5 feeding ports are set in the project, which are equipped with 5 bag dust collectors to process the dust. After processing, the dust is led to the pulverizer.

The pulverized dust is processed by the bag dust collector. The 2t/h fish feed processing project arranges personnel to clean the bag dust regularly and reuse it directly. A small amount of dust is discharged through the 15m high exhaust pipe. (Related product: floating fish feed making machine)

The 2t/h fish feed processing line project adopts an integrated automatic batching ultra-fine pulverizer. The large-sized materials absorbed to the upper layer by the exhaust air need to be crushed into powder by the pulverizer, and a small amount of dust will be generated during crushing and mixing. According to the analogy analysis of projects of the same type, the amount of dust generated during pulverization accounts for about 0.1% of the total processing amount.

fish feed production process fish feed mill plant cost in India

The annual feed production is 5,000 t, and the crushing dust generation is 5.0 t. The 2t/h fish feed processing project uses automatic fish feed production equipment, all of which are transported through pipelines. The crushed dust is transported to the bag filter through the exhaust system for treatment.

The treatment efficiency is 99%, and the dust treatment capacity is 4990 kg. After treatment, it is led to the roof of the building to pass 15 meters High exhaust stack emissions, organized emissions are 50kg/a.

This 2t/h fish extruded feed processing line project uses fish meal, brewer’s yeast, etc. as raw materials, and the unpleasant fishy smell will be produced during the production process. In the production process of the 2t/h fish floating feed processing line project, after manual feeding, all of the pipe closed channel conveying system is adopted.


During the 2t/h fish feed production process, the powder does not need to be puffed, granulated, nor does it need to use raw and auxiliary materials such as allicin.

richimachinery pellet machine

Richi Machinery is always based on market trends and customer needs, constantly seeking changes and improving, timely innovation, and relying on standard floating fish feed processing line solutions, flexible and reasonable configuration of fish feed processing equipment, to achieve stable performance and mature customized design.

If you have any needs or questions about the construction of fish food processing line, please leave a message and we will reply to you as soon as possible after receiving it! You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp (+86 138 3838 9622)!

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In the past 30 years, as fish feed processing system solution supplier, we have accumulated rich experience. We has exported fish feed processing equipment for sale the world, and has reached cooperative relations with more than 2,000 customers in more than 130 countries and regions, providing them with complete solutions and services covering the entire product life cycle.


Customer experience is the touchstone. Richi Machinery has benefited a lot from winning the market with connotative products and high-quality services. Richi Machinery specialize in fish feed processing equipment for sale, our fish feed processing line machines are carefully designed for customers according to the actual feed production requirements.


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      * We will store the information you have provided us. We will only use this information for the purpose of helping to answer your inquiries. We will not disclose your information to third parties.

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