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4T/H Complete Wood pellet processing equipment solution

4 T/H wood pellets production

The complete 4t/h wood pellet processing equipment system includes chipping section, grinding section, drying section, storing materials section, pelletizing section, cooling section, packing section and computer control terminal system. Depending on the raw materials used, the equipment used will vary.

4 T/H wood pellet processing equipment price: 100,000-500,000 USD

wood pellets plants wood pellet machine
wood pellet plant wood pellet machine

4T/H wood pellet processing equipment Solution

By now considering the future of wood pellet processing, there is huge scope and potential for wood pellet manufacturing business. A wide range of raw materials can be used to make biomass pellets, including straw, rice husk, peanut shell, wood cuttings, sawdust, scrap timber, etc.

Therefore, many companies (wood factories, energy companies, forestry groups, carpentry workshop, etc.), investment or small scale businessman are considering investing in customized wood biomass pellet manufacturing plant and looking for buying cost effective biomass wood pellet equipment.

In these challenging times of energy production, it is significant to use biofuel energy because that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable as the raw material is easily available.

RICHI Machinery has expertise in wood pellets plant construction. If you are planning to start a wood pellet production business investment, Please feel free to contact us! Moreover, we will provide the best design with no consultation fee!

  • Forest waste: waste from wood processing, from pruning and also material from purposefully grown plantations.
  • Agricultural waste: cereals straw and the like, alfalfa, hay, miscanthus, etc.
  • Industrial waste, basically waste from certain alimentary productions, such as sansa, residues from juice productions, etc.

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4T/H wood pellet processing equipment Project Report

There are huge business potentials to start wood pellet line. Not only can one outsource to individuals or small communities, but also big corporations and industries. The selection of the right wood pellet equipment and technology for a wood pellet processing equipment system is critical when establish your own biomass fure wood pellet manufacturing business.

Next, I will list two wood pellet production plant projects we have done for you, hoping to help you.

Case 1: 4 t/h Wood Pellets Plant project

This project mainly uses wood scraps from the wood carving industry and delumber factories as raw materials to process and produce biomass molding fuels, such as wood residues (referring to wood cutoffs, corner waste, etc.) and processing residues (referring to boards, slats, wood and bamboo cuts, sawdust, broken veneer, wood core, shavings, wood blocks and leftovers, etc.).

After the biomass is chipped, crushed and extruded, its volume is greatly reduced, which makes it easier to transport, store and use.

It is suitable for biomass power generation, clean energy transformation of industrial boilers, new cooking fuels in rural areas, and makes full use of the woodcarving industry and solutions. Timber waste and leftovers in wood mills, processing residues, etc.

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To this end, the client rented an idle factory building and adjacent open space to build a biomass compact briquette fuel processing project. After the project is completed, the annual output of 10,000 tons of biomass wood pellet fuel will be produced. The project conforms to the industrial policy and has good environmental, economic and social benefits.

Overview of 4T/H wood pellet processing equipment project

  • Construction nature: newly built;
  • Construction scale: The project covers an area of 2,000m², with a total construction area of about 800m², and the project is designed to produce 10,000 tons of biomass briquettes per year;
  • Production process: Biomass molding fuel: raw material crushing→crushing→cyclone sorting→transmission→extrusion molding→packaging;
  • Total investment: USD 400,000;
  • Working system: 320 working days per year, the working system adopts a one-shift system, 10 h/shift;
  • Number of employees: 5 people.
  • Others: There are no canteens, dormitories, and bathrooms in the factory

Product and production scale

Product nameYieldWhere the product goes
Biomass pellet fuel10000t/aTakeaway
wood pellet plant fire mobile wood pellet plant

Product Specifications

Low calorific value (MJ/kg)Density (kg/m³)Moisture content (%)Ash (%)Broken rate
≥ 17≥ 900≤ 12≤ 6≤ 5

Consumption of raw and auxiliary materials

The raw materials of the 4t/h wood pellet processing equipment project are wood residues, leftover materials, wood chips, etc., which are mainly purchased from the local wood carving industry and surrounding delumber factories, and the supply of raw materials is guaranteed.

The moisture content of wood residues purchased in the project is about 15% to 20%, and the moisture content of wood chips is about 9% to 10%. The main raw and auxiliary materials used in the project are shown in the table below.

ProjectNameAnnual consumption (t)ProportionRemarks
MaterialsWood Remnants422040%Wood carving industry and surrounding wood factory purchase
MaterialsSawdust633060%Wood carving industry and surrounding wood factory purchase
Energy ConsumptionElectricity15,000 kW·h/Municipal power supply
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Equipment for 4T/H Wood Pelleting system

Device name Model/Remarks QTY
Template breaker /1
Wood shredder ZS500—30 1
Wood shredder ZS—800 1
Cyclone700mm diameter 1
Cyclonediameter 1500mm 1
Duster 9 cloth bags 1
Duster 36 cloth bags 1
Unloader 1.1kW 1
Unloader 1.5kW 1
Conveyor belt PSJ500-88 meters
Feeding screw conveyorZS—4000/diameter 219mm 3
Wood pellet press machine MZLH5201
Wood pellet making machine MZLH4202
Silo /2
Silo unloader 1.1kW 3
Loader /1
Hand forklift /1
Trolley /3

Composition of 4T/H wood pellet processing equipment factory

The project mainly includes main works, auxiliary works, public works, environmental protection works and storage and transportation works.

  • Production Workshop: The production workshop is an elevated color steel structure, covering an area of 250m², with crushing, crushing, feeding, extrusion molding, packaging and other production processes. Relying on the original factory building for equipment installation;
  • Office: Located in the west of the factory building, it is a 1-story color steel tile and brick-concrete building with a construction area of 160 m², mainly for offices and lounges. Relying on the original;
  • Toilet: Located in the east of the factory building, a toilet is flush, with a building area of 1.5 m². Relying on the original vacant land to build a new building;
  • Raw material storage yard: The stacking room of the raw material workshop is located in the east of the production workshop, which is used for stacking raw materials in broken form (wood chips, small wood blocks, etc., covering an area of 200m².

    The open-air raw material storage yard is located in the northeast of the factory area, covering an area of 240 m². The storage room of the raw material factory building is rebuilt based on the original factory building, and the open-air raw material storage yard is based on the original open space planning;
  • Finished product storage room: Located in the west of the production workshop, connected to the production workshop, covering an area of 120m², used for stacking finished products. Relying on the original.

4T/H wood pellet processing equipment system Production Process

Biomass pellet fuel is a new type of clean fuel that uses wood and straw agricultural solid waste as raw materials and undergoes crushing, crushing, transmission, extrusion molding, packaging and other processes to make briquettes such as blocks and granules, which can be directly burned.

  1. Raw materials are transported by vehicles into the raw material yard for storage.
  2. Chipping of raw materials: Use trolleys and other tools to transport raw materials to the production workshop, and put large pieces of wood raw materials into crushers for chipping and crushing.
  3. Crushing of raw materials: Broken raw materials such as sawdust, wood blocks and crushed materials can be directly put into the crusher for crushing. Dust and noise will be generated during the crushing process. The dust is processed by cyclone sorting + bag filter, and the processed The dust is reused in production.
  4. Powder transmission: After the raw material is crushed, the powder falls into the silo and then is transported to the granulator by the feeding auger through the unloader.

    During this process, except for the unsealed connection of the equipment, other places are closed devices. Cloth bags are used to seal the airtight place to intercept the dust that may be generated, so basically no dust will be discharged.
  5. Extrusion (granulation): The powder is extruded in a wood pelletizer machine.
  6. Packaging: The granulated products are put into packaging bags through the finished product silo of the wood granulator.
  7. Stacking of finished products: After the finished products are packaged, they are uniformly stacked in the finished product stacking room.

General layout

The 4t/h wood pellet processing equipment project leases the existing factory building for decoration and reconstruction according to the project design. The area is divided into raw material areas, finished product storage areas and production workshops.

The project land is irregular rectangle. The open-air raw material storage yard is arranged in the northeast of the project factory area, which is used to stack some wood raw materials.

The production workshop is located in the north of the middle area of the factory area. The production workshop is equipped with production equipment for raw material crushing, transmission, compression molding, packaging and other processes.

The finished product stacking room is connected to it on the west side of production workshop, and the raw material plant stacking room is located on the south side of the production workshop and is connected to the production workshop.

small wood pellet plant wood pellet processing plant

Office and rest rooms are located in the west of the factory area, adjacent to the finished product stacking room. The domestic wastewater is treated in the septic tank and then discharged into the temporary wastewater storage tank located in the southeast corner of the plant area.

The plant area and its surroundings are well greened. Lubricating oil is required for the operation, maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment in this project, and a small amount of waste lubricating oil will be generated. A hazardous waste temporary storage room is set up for the storage of waste lubricating oil, which has little impact on the environment.

Generally speaking, the construction of the project factory area meets the technological process of biomass pellet fuel processing, and also meets the requirements of raw materials, finished products, water, electricity, roads and other aspects. , the overall layout of the project is very reasonable.

Case 2: 4T/H wood pellet processing equipment System

Based on the prospects of biomass pellets, the customer invested 350,000 US dollars to build a new biomass pellet production line project with an annual output of 9600t. The area where the customer is located is a treasure trove of biological genes, with rich plant species, which also means that the customer has a very sufficient source of raw materials.

Number of employees and working system

The project labor quota is 10 people, and the annual working days are 300 days, with one shift per day and 8 hours of work per day. No board and lodging will be provided in the project.

Construction scale and product plan

Product nameDesign production capacityYearly run hours
Biomass pellets9600t2400

Consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials

CategoryNamePhysical FormAnnual consumptionSourceStorage methodRemarks
Raw materialsWoodSolid state9601tOutsourcingStored in the factory area, transported by carThe furniture factory recycles wood scraps, shavings, etc.

Energy consumption

CategoryAnnual usageSource
Water120tMunicipal water supply network
Electricity100,000 kWhMunicipal power grid
  • The power required for production is supplied by municipal power, and generators are not used for equipment.
  • All water used in the project is supplied by the municipal waterworks.

Construction Content

The 4t/h wood pellet processing equipment project is mainly equipped with crushing area, granulation area, warehouse and office, etc.

  • Crushing Zone:Mainly used as a wood crushing area, with an area of about 600m², equipped with 1 wood grabber, 1 shredder, and 2 conveyor belts;
  • Granulation area:Mainly used as a granulation forming area, with an area of about 200m², equipped with 4 granulators and 2 conveyor belts;
  • Office:Approximately 200m²
  • Dust treatment facility:Bag dust removal with a treatment efficiency of 99%
  • Integrated sewage treatment facilities:Biochemical treatment, 1 unit
  • Warehouse:The area is about 1000m²

4T/H wood pellet processing equipment list

Conveyor belt4
MZLH420 wood pellet press4
Air compressor1
Dust treatment facility1
Integrated sewage treatment facilities1

4T/H wood pellet processing equipment Process Design

The project puts the recovered wood into the funnel through the wood grabber, and transports it to the pulverizer through the conveyor belt for pulverization (the particle size after pulverization is less than 5mm). The granulator compresses the wood powder into granules with a compression ratio of 5.5:1, and then after natural drying, it can be packaged and shipped.

The raw material of the project is the leftover material of the furniture factory, and the moisture content of the wood is about 8%-15%, which meets the requirements of granulation and molding, so there is no need to dry during the wood pellet production process.

Features of 4T/H complete wood pellet processing equipment system

  1. Durable Parts: This wood pellet plant machine comes with seven core components – the wood chipper, heating stove, pellet mill, packing machine, cooler, dryer, and hammer mill. All are made out of strong, durable materials.

    Its advanced structure comes with high-quality cutting chippers with moving parts made out of sharp alloy. These materials are wear-resistant and made according to the latest technology. These parts experience low-wear and therefore can reduce our consumption. The hammer mill has strong, carefully-selected double ball bearings and excellent vibration resistance.
  2. Multi-Function Mill: This wood pellets line can be widely used in many kinds of industries, including chemical production, organic fertilizer, electricity, biofuels, waste tire, cat litter, and more.
  3. Low Energy Consumption: The wood pelletizing line offers exceptionally low energy consumption. It reduces up to 50% of your energy needs, produces minimal vibration, and has more than 40% heating efficiency. This can save you money while also helping to save the planet.
  4. Easy to Install and Operate: The wood pelleting line is easy to install and operate, especially compared to other options on the market. You’ll have access to a one-stop service that can meet the needs of any customer, from large international companies down to individuals. Your questions will be answered in 24 hours or less with onsite visits available.
  5. Versatile and Adjustable: The wood pellet making plant can crush and process all kinds of materials into pellets, including PVC foam board, wood, weeds, straw, and even waste scrubber. Its high-strength steel grinding chamber is durable and offers greater overall efficiency regardless so the type of material you are processing.
  6. Automatically Packs and Cools the Pellets: Not all wood pellet production lines come with coolers and packers, but this one does. It can save you money by bundling all the features you need into one pellet plant.
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If you want to build your 4 t/h wood pellet processing equipment system, please try to provide the below information:

  • What is the material to make pellets?
  • Hardness of your material?
  • Moisture content?
  • Maximum diameter of the material to be processed?
  • The capacity per hour you want to get for the pellet production.

Then we will recommend suitable wood pellet processing equipment system design and machines model based on your actual needs.


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    Keeping in touch with us is an effective way to solve all your problems. If you have any needs or questions, please leave your contact information, then RICHI technical consultants will send design, quotation, videos to your mailbox. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp: +86 13838389622


      * We will store the information you have provided us. We will only use this information for the purpose of helping to answer your inquiries. We will not disclose your information to third parties.

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