1-20 t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant cost

How Much Does 1-20 t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant cost?

raw material for poultry feed manufacturing plant
1-20 t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant cost

RICHI poultry chicken feed manufacturing plants are of modular design and are designed based on different feed requirements and customer needs. Due to innovative machinery and deep process knowledge, our equipment are the best choice for poultry feed manufacturers to produce high quality, safe feed to their client maximum efficiency. 

The technology underlying our poultry feed plant guarantees the production of animal feeds meeting the most rigorous hygiene requirements, and mitigating cross-contamination at the same time.

Composition of 1-20 t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant cost

The poultry feed plant price mainly depends on various factors, such as feed manufacturing plant scale, production line equipment and other facilities in the plant area, production line and geographical location.

complete Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost
Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost
  • Setting up a poultry feed manufacturing plant requires some government approval and EIA process, which requires some fees.
  • The establishment of a poultry feed factory requires land investment, which is a relatively large part of the cost of the feed factory.
  • Once you have land, you need to build factory buildings, including production workshops, warehouses, and offices.
  • Customize the poultry feed production line process and purchase production line equipment. This includes mixers, feed grinders, poultry feed pellet making machines, coolers, screeners, packers and more. According to different needs, it is also necessary to determine whether to choose a silo system and which level of equipment configuration to choose. The higher the equipment configuration, the higher the degree of automation.
  • Poultry feed manufacturing plant equipment installation and post-maintenance costs. Regarding the installation of equipment, according to the actual situation, you can choose the equipment manufacturer for installation, or you can choose to find local workers for installation.
  • It is necessary to purchase a large number of raw materials such as corn, soybean meal, premix, and additives.
  • Establishing a poultry animal feed mill plant also requires hiring staff. Including production line workers, technicians, managers, etc.
  • Marketing and sales activities are required. This may include advertising, promotional activities and salesperson fees, among others.

In conclusion, the poultry feed manufacturing plant cost is influenced by many factors. However, in addition to the early approval and land purchase, many other factors will be affected by the production line equipment.

Because as an equipment manufacturer, in addition to equipment manufacturing, we will also provide production line equipment layout, production line steel frame structure, plant layout, etc., as well as feed formula.

After that, customers can build their own workshops and production lines according to a series of plans provided by the equipment. Our engineers will also guide the installation on site, and can also provide a full set of installation and commissioning services.

Different poultry feed manufacturing plant cost with different capacity

Our feed processing technologies are available in various models and with optional accessories to offer the optimum solution for your specific production needs.

1-2tph animal Poultry feed production plant

1-2T/H Poultry feed production

The main advantage of the plant is the very less initial investment in the project. This line is suitable for farms and small investments just entering the feed processing industry.

  • 1-2 t/h poultry feed plant cost: 10000-50000 USD
  • installation period: 7-15 Days
  • Total project power: 47-75KW
  • Land use suggestion: 300-500m²
  • Production cycle: 20 Days
3-4tph animal poultry feed mill plant

3-4T/H Poultry feed production

This production line is suitable for small feed mills and medium poultry farms. At present, we have exported production lines with the same output to more than 60 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Algeria, and Zimbabwe.

  • 3-4 t/h poultry feed plant price: 5,0000-12,0000USD
  • installation period: 15-20Days
  • Total project power: 53-165KW
  • Land use suggestion: 300-700m²
  • Production cycle: 20 Days
5-7tph animal poultry feed mill plant

5-7T/H Poultry feed production

This production line is suitable for medium-sized feed mills and medium and large poultry farms. At present, we have exported production lines with the same output to more than 30 countries including Uzbekistan, Algeria, Russia, Ethiopia, Angola and Kyrgyzstan.

  • 5-7 t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant cost: 7,0000-25,0000USD
  • installation period: 20-40Days
  • Total project power: 68-259KW
  • Land use suggestion: 400-800m²
  • Production cycle: 20-30 Days
8-10tph animal poulry feed mill plant

8-10T/H Poultry feed production

This production line is suitable for medium and large feed mills and large farms. At present, we have exported feed mill equipment with the same output to more than 20 countries including the United States, Uzbekistan, Russia, Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

  • 8-10 t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant cost: 150,000-300,000USD
  • Total project power: 125-410KW
  • Land use suggestion: 800-2000m²
  • Estimated installation period: 45-60 Days
  • Production cycle: 30-40 Days
12-20tph animal poultry feed manufacturing  plant

12-20T/H Poultry feed production

This production line is suitable for large feed mills. This plant is widely appreciated for their sturdy construction and durability. At present, we have exported feed equipment with the same output to more than 10 countries including Oman, Uzbekistan, and the United States.

  • 12-20 t/h poultry feed plant cost: 250,000-580,000USD
  • Total project power: 358-620KW
  • Land use suggestion: 1500-3000m²
  • installation period: 60-90 Days
  • Production cycle: 40-50 Days

As a reliable animal chicken poultry feed manufacturing plant manufacturer, RICHI Machinery are specialized in turnkey feed production project including process design, factory layout, poultry feed mill equipment manufacture, feed plant installation and commission, and site training of electric control, plant operation , animal feed processing technologies and formulations.

different poultry feed manufacturing plant cost on Different Projects

Different projects have different customer needs, different process designs, and different animal feed mill equipment configuration types, quantities and models. In the end, each production plant has its own characteristics, but the price is different.

Poultry Feed Plant In Algeria


6-10T/H poultry feed plant in Algeria

  • poultry feed plant price: FOB 80,000-400,000 USD
  • Date: Sep 31th, 2015
  • Main equipment: Feed grinder machine*37KW, Poultry feed mixer machine*500kg/batch, Pellet making machine for poultry feed*37KW, pellet cooling machine*SKLH14*14, crumbles machine*SSLG15*80, bagging machine*DSC-50, Vibrating Screen*SFJH800*2C, etc.
poultry feed plant in Uzbekistan


10-15T/H poultry feed plant in Uzbekistan

  • poultry feed manufacturing plant cost: 150,000-400,000 USD
  • Date: July 1th, 2019
  • Main equipment: Galvanized silo*500T, animal feed crusher machine, batching scale, animal feed mixing machine, animal feed pelleting machine, animal feed pellet cooling machine, poultry feed pellet crumbler, screening machine and animal feed bagging machine, etc.
chicken feed manufacturing plant In Peru


5T/H chicken feed manufacturing plant In Peru

  • poultry feed plant price: 220,000-250,000 USD
  • Date: February 2021
  • Main equipment: Pulverizer*37KW, Double-shaft paddle mixer, chicken feed Pellet Machine *SZLH350, Counterflow cooler, Poultry pellet crumbler*SSLG15X80, rotary classifying screen, Liquid adding system, Automatic Packing machine*DS C-50, etc.
chicken feed manufacturing plant In Malaysia


3-5T/H chicken feed manufacturing plant In Malaysia

  • poultry feed plant cost: 60,000-65,000 USD
  • Date: October 29, 2021
  • Main equipment: Permanent magnetic sleeve*TCXT20, Pre-Crushing bin*1m³, Poultry feed grinder machine*SFSP56*60, drum mixer for poultry feed*SLHY.1, Poultry feed pellet machine*SZLH320, Cooling Machine, Rotary screener* SFJH800 *2C, etc.
poultry feed plant in Nigeria


1-2T/H poultry feed manufacturing plant in Nigeria

  • Date: June 30, 2020
  • poultry feed manufacturing plant cost: 25,000-29,000 USD
  • Main equipment: Poultry Feed Grinder, Poultry Feed Mixer Machine, Storage bin for making pellet*1m³, Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine*SZLH250, pellet cooling machine*SKLN1.0*1.0, Vibrating sifter, MCC Control Center; Mimic Control Panel, etc.
Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant in China


20T/H Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant in China

  • poultry feed plant price: 500,000 USD
  • Date: December 2020
  • Main equipment: Silo System, Pulse dust collector, Bucket elevator, Cylinder initial cleaning, Permanent magnet cylinder, poultry feed granulator, Scraper Conveyor, Vibrating classifier, Electronic packing scale, Tape Conveyor Bag Sewing Machine, Pulse dust collector,quantitative scale,etc .

What we can do for you?

The Ability to Produce High Quality, High-Performance Feeds Efficient and Effectively, Comes from the use of Speialized Process Technology is best when it comes from a company with an in-deflection of each step in the poultry feed production process.

RICHI manufactures and support all the machine in the poultry feed manufacturing plant and partners with each of our customers to design a solution that best matches their specific processing needs. When designing a customer specific plant solution, we always take account of :

Better and more efficient production

Minimizing operation cost

Maximizing energy efficiency

Environmental protection considerations


RICHI Machinery, being one of the renowned poultry chicken feed manufacturing plant manufacturer and supplier in China, has till now exported our poultry feed plants to various countries like Uzbekistan, Russia, USA, Australia, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Thailand , Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Angola, France, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Zambia, South Africa, Philippines, India, and so on.

We provide the most cost effective poultry feed plant for our customer with the purpose to minimize the investment cost while ensure the production capacity. If you have any interests in starting a feed plant, please contact RICHI for poultry feed manufacturing plant cost and more in formation! (Find RICHI on Facebook)

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