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The automatic bagging machine is the automatic weighing and packing machine for the finished feed of the feed production enterprise. With the large-scale and standardized development of feed companies, industrial bagging machines have become the necessary quantitative packaging equipment for the packaging section of finished feed production.

Not only the feed industry, but also by the food industry, grain industry, wood pellet industry, biomass pellet industry, organic fertilizer industry, brewing industry (hop pellets), cat It is widely used in many fields such as sand industry, cement industry and seed industry.

As one of the professional automatic bagger machine manufacturers, our automated bagging machines have set off a new revolution to improve the efficiency of production equipment. The innovation of science and technology and the improvement of automation have made a qualitative leap in production efficiency.

automatic bagging machine

Due to the different occasions, industries, weighing ranges, and accuracy requirements, automatic bag machine have their own specificity. Different types of auto bagging system have their own unique structures to suit certain specific requirements.

  • According application: feed bagging machine, wood pellet bagging machine, sawdust bagging machine, corn bagging machine, grain packing machine, flour bagging machine, etc.
  • Feeding forms include funnel type, double cylinder screw type, single cylinder double speed screw type, scraper type, belt type, etc.;
  • The form of bag clamping is similar, and pneumatic actuators are generally used to complete various actions.
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Users who use auto bagging machines generally produce pellets or ordinary powdered feed for livestock, aquatic products, and pets, or manufacturers of iodized salt, washing powder, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, seeds, rice and other products. Spiral or scraper feeding is easy to break the particles and have pulsation.

Funnel feeding is easy to cause the powder with poor fluidity to form arches, resulting in uneven material flow and affecting the feeding speed and accuracy. Therefore, most manufacturers use a belt feeder that can achieve high-speed and stable feeding.

Features of automatic bagger

At present, automatic bagging machine has been widely used in feed and other industries.

Compared with manual weighing and packaging, automatic bagger has the characteristics of fast weighing speed, high weighing accuracy, labor saving, labor saving, simple operation and convenient maintenance, which can greatly improve the reputation and economic benefits of feed companies.

feed bagger bagging hopper weighing packing machine
  • Fast and slow feeding and quantitative, bag clamping and bag unloading are all controlled by PLC program, and can also be directly controlled by microcomputer intelligently.
  • Microcomputer intelligent control instrument can realize the setting of parameters such as fast and slow feeding amount, out-of-tolerance and overload alarm display, and can be equipped with print output;
  • The automatic bagging machine has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient matching and moderate price. Its weighing range is within 10-50 kg, and the discharge speed and accuracy are high. For example, for the packaging of pelleted livestock feed, calculated in 40 kg bags, the discharge speed can be as high as 6 to 8 bags/min, and the accuracy is within the range of +(-) 0.2% (less than the standard accuracy of 0.5), so accepted by most feed manufacturers.
  • The automated bagging machine can change the feeding form according to the physical characteristics of different materials to achieve the required packaging speed and accuracy.
  • Fast weighing speed and high precision; digital display, intuitive and easy to read, stable and reliable, and easy to maintain.
  • Can adopt corresponding application technology according to different materials. If there are waterproof type, fragile object type, easy loose object type, mixed weighing, quantity weighing, etc., it can be applied to various needs;
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The main factors we consider when designing automatic weighing and bagging machine are the particle size, bulk density, scatterability, fluidity, hygroscopicity, adhesion and other properties of the materials being weighed, which determine the diversity of bagging machine structures.

The classification of automatic packing machine is also often distinguished according to its structural form, that is, according to the adaptability of materials. In addition, they are also classified according to the size of the packaging. Because of different packaging volumes, the selection of sensors, bag clamping mechanisms and packaging forms are different.

Parameters of automatic bagging machine

Bagging machine price: 5000-10000 USD

Precisionstatic±0.1% dynamic±0.2%static±0.1% dynamic±0.2%static±0.1% dynamic±0.2%static±0.1% dynamic±0.2%static±0.1% dynamic±0.2%
Temperature Range-10~40℃-10~40℃-10~40℃-10~40℃-10~40℃
Air Source0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h

(Note: Richi Machinery’s products are always updated and improved. Therefore, if there is any difference between the pictures, feature descriptions and performance parameters of the actual model, please refer to the actual product.)

Automatic bagging machine projects

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auto weighing packing machine powder bagging equipment

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automated bagging machine for sale 3-5 t/h chicken feed mill

structure of automatic bagging machine

The auto bagging machine is mainly composed of a belt feeder, a self-unloading scale hopper, a bag receiving hopper, and an electric control device.

01 Belt feeder

The belt feeder is composed of material layer gate, conveyor belt, switch gate, etc. The conveyor belt is driven by a two-speed motor, and the material layer gate and the opening and closing gate are driven by air cylinders.

The feeding amount is controlled by changing the conveying speed of the conveyor belt and controlling the height of the material layer at the discharge port through the two-speed motor. Each weighing process is composed of large and small feeds.

bagging station automated bagger automatic weighing and packing machine

First, the large feed is fed, and then the small feed is fed, and the small feed has a stable process of 1 to 2 seconds to ensure the accuracy of the weighing. Referring to the application of the same type of automatic bagging machine at home and abroad, RICHI designed a belt feeder with a feeding amount of 50 t/h and 5 t/h respectively, that is, the ratio of large feeding amount to small feeding amount is at most 50 t/h and 5 t/h, and can be adjusted according to actual production needs. (Related post: animal feed mill plant)

Taking the weighing of 40 kg/bag as an example, choose a feeding ratio of 7:1, that is, the large feeding is 35 kg, the small feeding is 5 kg, and the weighing process is completed within 6 s. A switch gate is also set at the outlet of the feeder, which can cut off the material flow in time at the end of feeding to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

02 Dump scale bucket

The scale bucket and the weighing sensor are connected through a joint bearing or a cylindrical pin, so that the quality of the scale bucket and the material contained can be accurately displayed on the weighing instrument. The discharge door at the bottom of the scale bucket is driven by a single cylinder, and the two doors can move symmetrically with a link mechanism, so that the scale bucket can maintain relative balance during the whole working process of auto bagging system; The material of the bucket is concentrated in the middle of the bottom, which is beneficial to keep the balance of the weighing bucket.

grain packaging weighing and packing machine automatic weighing and bagging machine

03 Bag-receiving hopper

The mouth of the bag is made into a round or oval shape, which can ensure the airtightness after the bag is clamped. Equipped with at least 2 front and rear clamping arms, used to clamp the bag at the mouth of the clamping bag. The outlet is also an exhaust port, so that the dust generated during charging and the air in the bag can be discharged in time, which greatly improves the air environment of the operating surface. (Related post: shrimp feed mill)

04 Electronic control device

The key component of this part is the weighing controller. In addition to the functions of coarse measurement, fine measurement, overshoot compensation and discharge control, it also has a high conversion rate (more than 50 times/s), out-of-tolerance detection and Functions such as preset ingredient amount power-off protection.

bagging system grain bagging machine grain bagging systems

With the development of the feed industry, the degree of automation of feed mills is getting higher and higher, and the number of feed mills that use manual weighing and packaging has gradually decreased. Instead, microcomputer-controlled automatic bagging machines are used for weighing and packaging, which greatly improves The work efficiency is reduced, the labor intensity is reduced, the weighing accuracy is ensured, and the manual operating environment is improved.

animal feed packaging feed bagging machine feed bagging equipment

Working principle of automatic bagging machine


When the automatic industrial bagging machine enters the automatic operation state, the weighing control system opens the feeding door and starts feeding. The feeding device adopts the fast and slow two-stage feeding mode; when the material weight reaches the fast feeding set value, the fast feeding is stopped, keep feeding slowly; when the weight of the material reaches the final set value, close the feeding door to complete the dynamic weighing process.

At this time, the system detects whether the bag clamping device is in a predetermined state, and when the packaging bag is clamped, the system sends out The control signal opens the discharge door of the weighing hopper, the material enters the packaging bag, and the discharge door of the weighing hopper is automatically closed after the material is discharged; after the material is unloaded, the bag clamping device is released, and the packaging bag automatically falls; The bag is sewn and transported to the next station, and the cycle runs automatically.

How to choose an automatic bagging machine?

How to choose an automatic bagging equipment? This is the biggest concern of feed manufacturers. To use the automatic weighing and bagging machine correctly, the feed manufacturer should first understand the commonly used automatic bagging equipment products, and then make the correct choice based on the actual needs of the unit.

If the automatic bagging equipment selection is not appropriate, or the use effect is not good, or it cannot be used at all, it will cause inconvenience to production and unnecessary economic losses to the enterprise. Therefore, as an automatic bagging machine manufacturer, Richi Machinery will certainly assist customers in choosing the correct auto bagging machine through marketing and technical personnel.

To choose an automated bagging machine reasonably, mainly consider the following aspects:

01 Fully understand the properties of the required packaging materials

Feed production plants choose different types of automatic baggers according to the physical properties of the product, such as the shape, pellet size, capacity, surface friction coefficient, fluidity and adhesion of the packaging materials.

It is impossible for any bagging machine to adapt to the weighing and packaging of various materials with different physical properties. Feed products can be divided into powdered feeds and pelleted feeds. Powdered feeds include compound powdered feeds, concentrated powdered feeds, extruded powdered feeds, premixes, and additive products.

For example, the outstanding advantage of belt-fed auto bagging machine is that the feeding does not cause the material to be broken. Therefore, this packaging machine is most suitable for weighing and packaging of pressed pellet feed, extruded pellet feed, extruded flake feed and cake meal.

The auger feeding type automated bagging machine should be used for powdery feed, because the powdery feed is finer, and the sealing performance of the belt feeding method is not as good as that of the auger feeding, which is easy to run away, and the auger feeding is better to avoid this situation. For example, the inclined auger automatic bagger should be used for the premix with stone powder as the carrier.

weighing and bagging machine manual bagging equipment
Basic performance parameters of automatic bagging machine:
Combined formWeighing range/kgWeighing range/kgAccuracy/%Packing speed/pack ·hPackaging Materials
Belt Feeding Single Bucket20~50100.2450~600Pellets, complete feed and cakes, etc.
Belt Feeding Double Bucket20~50100.2800~1000Pellets, complete feed and cakes, etc.
Belt feeding without weighing bucket20~50100.2300~400For occasions where space is limited
Flat Auger Feeding Single Bucket20~50100.2350~450General powder materials
Oblique auger feeding single scale bucket20~50100.2350~450Premix with good fluidity
Augers feeding without scales20~50100.2250~350Slightly sticky powdery materials
Gravity Feeding Single Bucket20~50100.2450~600Pellets with good fluidity
Gravity Feeding Without Scale20~50100.2300~400Pellets with good fluidity
Gravity Feeding Double Bucket20~90100.2800~1000Pellets with good fluidity
Gravity Feeding Single Bucket1-51-20.5-0.2450~700Pellets with good fluidity

02 Variety and type of product

For materials with little difference in physical properties, one type of automatic bagging machine can be used. There are many varieties of products in the feed factory, and the characteristics of the materials are quite different, so it is impossible to force the selection of the same automatic weighing and bagging machine, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure the normal use of the automatic bagging equipment.

Professional feed factories usually have perfect design and planning. Different types of finished feed products are stored in different finished product warehouses. Different types of industrial bagging machine should be selected according to their physical properties.

03 Requirements for packaging speed

The output of a single species in a large feed factory is very large. It is recommended to use a double-scale bucket type fast automatic bagging machine, which can double the packaging speed, and reduce the personnel, investment and power consumption accordingly. At the same time, the feed mill plant area is saved and the bagging machine price is also lower reduce. (Related post: fish feed production plant)

open mouth bagging machine feed bag manufacturers

04 The size and form of the packaging bag

The packaging requirements of ordinary feed are not very strict, generally woven bags lined with plastic film, the packaging volume is about 30-50kg, and constant packaging scales can basically use such packaging bags. Premixes, vitamins, minerals, medicines and other materials are well packaged.

According to the needs, there are large and small packages. If you use packaging bags of 5kg or less, you must use a small packaging scale. When using a small-volume auto bagging system, a heat sealer is often used to strengthen the seal.

05 Restriction of installation space

Due to various reasons, or site restrictions, or renovation of old workshops, it often brings difficulties to feed manufacturers to choose auto bagging systems. Choosing a bucketless packaging scale can save space, which provides a choice for the renovation of old workshops.

bagging equipment for sale bagging machine manufacturers

However, the speed of the non-scale bucket type automatic weighing and bagging machine is lower than that of the scale bucket type, and the selection should be considered as appropriate. The selection of the packaging scale is the primary issue, but the on-site installation is also very important.

The automatic bagging machine is a combination of machine, electricity and gas. There are many parts that move back and forth frequently. Regular maintenance is very important to ensure the normal use of the bagging machine.

In short, customers such as feed mills, wood pellet mill plants, biomass pellet plants, organic fertilizer pellet plants, cat litter factories, and grain mills should choose packaging scales according to their requirements and specific circumstances, and cannot blindly copy other people’s choices to avoid unnecessary losses. The correct selection of automatic bagging machine will bring good economic and social benefits to the feed factory.


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