Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill

Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill

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Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill
turnkey wood pellet mill construction

We supply complete turnkey wood pellet mill systems on Turnkey basis, from concept to commissioning, the service includes Site Layout, Design, Manufacturing, Handling, Storage, Building, Power, Water, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Training and Support.

At RICHI Machinery, we stand proudly as leading manufacturers of comprehensive wood pelletizing technology solutions, dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our work.

With our extensive wood pellet processing technical capabilities, we are specialists in crafting world-class industrial turnkey wood pellet mill systems that range from special purpose machinery to comprehensive production and assembly lines.

  • Capacity: 30-40 t/h
  • Cost: 500,000-2,000,000 USD
  • Pellet size:2-12 mm
  • Application: Our turnkey wood pellet mill system is mainly used in fuel processing plants, lumber mills, sawdust mills, wood chip plants, furniture factories, sawdust cat litter plants, biomass energy processing plants, power plants, paper mills, etc.

What is EPC Turnkey service?

Project EPC Turnkey service means that the project contractor undertakes all work at all stages of the wood pellet plant construction project, including design, budget, equipment and material procurement, construction, trial operation, and acceptance, in accordance with the contract, and submits a turnkey wood pellet mill project that meets the functions and conditions to the customer. , and assume full responsibility for the quality, schedule, cost and stability of the project.

raw materials for turnkey wood pellet mill plant

Our EPC turnkey wood pellet mill system can be used for the processing of various agricultural and forestry waste pellets and industrial waste pellets. Raw materials available for turnkey wood pellet mill plants include the following:

  • Trees
  • Sawdust
  • Chips
  • Shavings
  • Logs
  • Trunk
  • Wooden pallets
  • template
  • tree stump
  • softwood
  • hardwood
  • biomass
  • Miscanthus
  • textile and rubber waste
  • coffee grounds
  • grass
  • straw
  • shell
  • rice husk
  • olive oil pomace
  • Sugarcane trash
  • cactus
  • Bamboo
  • Leaves
  • cane
  • waste paper
  • EFB (oil palm EFB fiber)
  • olive residual
  • cartons
  • coal powder
  • wool
  • fruit pits
  • Gliricidia sepium
  • coconut
  • cotton
  • algae
  • wood and cocopeat
  • grape seeds and other winemaking
  • vine shoot
  • beet pulp
  • Walnuts crashed shells
  • Bagasse
  • rice straw
  • leaves
Raw Materials For Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill Plant

turnkey wood pellet mill process flow

EPC turnkey wood pellet mill system is actually a project that includes various wood pellet equipment. It is not a simple product. To build a pellet line, it is more than selecting and paying. It should be customized depending on the raw material along with the situation and requirement of each client. Here we take sawdust pellet processing as an example to describe the entire process of wood pellet processing.

turnkey wood pellet mill process flow

The pelleting system for wood sawdust is one of the most important of the whole process. It’s made by wood pellet press machine and consist in agglomeration of sawdust into wood pellet.

  1. In the pelleting process the dried material discharged from the wood dryer, is conveyed to the hammer mill to standardize and adapt the size of the raw material to the extrusion process.
  2. The wood pellet mill machine loaded by the storage silo for dried material duly grounded, produces the wood pellets by a suitable die with holes of 6-12 mm diameter (at the user’s choice), thanks to the layered compaction of the sawdust into the holes of the die.
  3. The pellet produced by the wood pellet making machine is hot and charged with water steam due to the friction suffered during the extrusion and therefore needs to be cooled before being packaged. A suitable counter-flow cooler, allows, by atmospheric air, to have a lower temperature to some degree higher than the ambient, making the pellet “stabilized” ready for bagging.
  4. Subsequently, the wood pellet is sieved through a suitable vibrating sifter, to definitively eliminate the powders created during the production process.
  5. The wood pelleting line is equipped by a centralized dust collecting (suction) system which re-introduced it into the pelletizing process.
turnkey wood pellet mill process flow
turnkey wood pellet mill process flow
turnkey wood pellet mill process flow

If your raw materials are tree trunks, wood chips, or even some agricultural and forestry waste, our engineers will customize your turnkey wood pellet mill solution according to your raw materials.

RICHI Machinery has a team of professional engineers who will provide detailed and patient answers to every customer who comes to us and provide detailed guidance and analysis for specific situations. Please feel free to contact us!

Features of turnkey wood pellet mill system

  • Processing: The characteristic of the turnkey wood pellet mill system is that the entire product production process is divided into many continuous and orderly processes, forming an interconnected overall process, and processing and production are carried out in a continuous assembly line manner.
  • Standardization: The design and working methods of the turnkey wood pellet mill system follow strict standardization requirements, and all processes are set according to standards to ensure the stability and consistency of wood pellets quality.
  • Automation: The turnkey wood pellet mill plant uses machine equipment and advanced control systems to realize automated production, reduce manual operations, and improve production efficiency and quality.
  • Scale: The 30-40t/h turnkey wood pellet mill plant is a large-scale system with large production capacity, high efficiency and low cost.
  • Modularization: In order to adapt to changes in market demand, the design and manufacturing of RICHI production lines generally have flexible capabilities, and can be quickly modularized according to production needs.

RICHI wood pellet production line has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, high output and high profit, and is widely used in the pellet production process of many industries.

At the same time, the production line’s features such as processization, standardization, automation, scale, and flexibility also provide important guarantees for customers to adapt to market demand and improve production efficiency.

Main equipment needed in turnkey wood pellet mill system

The heart of a turnkey wood pellet mill system lies in its machinery. These machines are purposefully designed and calibrated to execute particular tasks within the manufacturing process. Each machine contributes to a specific step, from raw material processing to assembling components and packaging finished products.

The utilization of specialized wood pellet processing machines ensures precision, speed, and uniformity, which are essential factors in maintaining high-quality production.

Wood peeling machine

wood Debarker

5-15 T/H

Main Power:
7.5-11 KW

wood splitter

Wood splitter


Main Power:
10-20 KW

Wood Chipper Machine

Wood Chipper Machine

3-18 T/H

Main Power:
4-110 KW

Wood Pellet Hammer Mill

Wood pellet Hammer Mill


Main Power:
30-160 KW

wood pallet crusher

wood pallet crusher


Main Power:
55-110 KW

wood chip Dryer

wood chip Dryer


Rotate Speed:
3-8 R/Min

Biomass Pellet Mill

wood pellet mill


Main Power:

biomass pellet cooler machine for sale

Pellet Cooler Machine


Main Power:
0.75-2.05 KW

biomass pellet screener

vibrating screening machine


Main Power:

biomass pellet bagging machine

Automatic Bagging Machine

6-12 Bags/Min

Main Power:

Different scale turnkey wood pellet mill system for sale

Maybe you are interested in turnkey wood pellet mill plant with other production capacities:

EPC turnkey wood pellet mill projects

RICHI’s turnkey wood pellet mill plants have reached 130 countries and regions, enabling us to craft numerous iconic turnkey wood pellet mill systems for overseas customers. Our global presence and commitment to quality make us a leader in the industry.

turnkey wood pellet mill In United States

turnkey wood pellet mill In United States

  • Country: United States
  • Production: 50,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: wood branches, chips, sawdust
  • turnkey wood pellet mill cost: US$550,000
Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill In Indonesia

turnkey wood pellet mill in indonesia

  • Country: indonesia
  • Production: 10,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: furniture factory waste
  • turnkey wood pellet mill cost: US$270,000
Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill In Vietnam

turnkey wood pellet mill in Vietnam

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Production: 2500 t/a
  • Ingredients: wet tree stump, trunk
  • turnkey wood pellet mill cost: 180,000 USD
Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill In Brazil

turnkey wood pellet mill in brazil

  • Country: brazil
  • Production: 35,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: wood sawdust and chips
  • turnkey wood pellet mill cost: 410,000 USD
turnkey wood pellet mill in Austria

turnkey wood pellet mill in Austria

  • Country: Austria
  • Production: 10,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: wood pallet and sawdust
  • turnkey wood pellet mill price: 190,000 USD
20-25 T/H Biomass Pellet Project In Thailand

turnkey wood pellet mill in poland

  • Country: poland
  • Production: 55,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: wood chips
  • turnkey wood pellet mill price: 770,000 USD
2-3 T/H biomass pellet project In South Africa

turnkey wood pellet mill in canada

  • Country: canada
  • Production: 6,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: wood sawdust
  • turnkey wood pellet mill price: $160,000
10-12 T/H biomass pellet project In Pakistan

turnkey wood pellet mill in germany

  • Country: germany
  • Production: 30,000 T/A
  • Ingredients: wood sawdust, log
  • turnkey wood pellet mill price: $785,000 USD
37-38 t/h EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project

37-38 t/h EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project


  • Annual output: 90,000 t/a
  • turnkey wood pellet mill cost: 1,560,000 USD
  • Building area: 1800m2, including crushing area, granulating area, raw material warehouse, air-cooled screening area, office, finished product temporary storage area, etc.
  • Main raw material consumption: waste wood*90046.69t/a from local lumber factories, furniture factories, etc., with moisture content of ≤30% in the factory
  • Annual water consumption: 150t/a
  • Annual power consumption: 3 million kwh
  • Product standards: maximum diameter or cross-section size ≤ 12mm, length ≤ 4Dmm, molding fuel density ≤ 1000Kg/m3, moisture content ≤ 13%
  • Working system: 24 employees, working 8 hours a day, 300 days a year.
  • The main production equipment of the project: crusher, discharge conveyor belt (including iron remover), pulverizer, feed conveyor belt (including iron remover), discharging auger, raw material warehouse*30t, bucket elevator, cloth auger, discharging auger, wood pellet granulator, discharging conveyor belt, cooler, vibrating screen, finished product warehouse*50t, etc.

37-38 t/h turnkey wood pellet mill system Process flow:

  1. Crushing: The raw materials used in this project have been briefly processed before entering the market, and impurities such as iron nails are manually removed. Large pieces of raw materials such as waste wood are fed to the crusher by forklifts for crushing to obtain crushed materials with a particle size of about <120mm. An iron remover is installed at the outlet of the crushed materials to magnetically separate iron and other impurities that may be present in the crushed materials. After crushing, Materials are stacked between the crushing area and the crusher feed port for easy transportation.
  2. Hammer milling and silo: The crushed materials are fed from the loader to the feed port of the hammer mill crusher (pit type, the feeding port is parallel to the ground). When the crusher is running, the crushed materials are transported to the crusher by the belt for crushing to obtain granules. For crushed materials with a diameter of less than 5mm, an iron separator is installed at the outlet of the crushed materials. Iron and other impurities that may be present in the crushed materials are magnetically separated and discharged through cyclone separation, and then transported to the raw material warehouse through a closed belt for temporary storage until subsequent production. grain.
  3. Granulation and molding: The crushed material in the silo is transported to the closed discharging auger through a closed distribution auger, and then sent to the feeding chamber of the wood pelletizer machine by an elevator. It is evenly distributed under the joint action of the distributor and scraper. The ground is laid on the die, and the pellet machine squeezes the wood chips into rod-shaped pellets through extrusion molding.
  4. Air-cooling screening, packaging and packaging: The granules coming out of the wood pelletizer outlet have a high temperature, a loose structure, and are easily broken. They must be cooled to room temperature by a counter-flow air cooler and then transported to the granulator by a belt. The vibrating screen screens out unqualified products with a particle size of <8 mm to ensure the factory quality of biomass pellet fuel. Qualified products are sent to the finished product warehouse via the elevator, bagged and sealed for sale.
35 t/h EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project

35 t/h EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project


  • Annual output: 100,000 tons
  • Investment: 1,190,000 USD
  • Building area: 1000 square meters. Purchase biomass pellet machines, forklifts, forklifts, freight vehicles and other machinery to use agricultural waste, forestry waste, straw, etc. as raw materials.
  • Annual power consumption: 100,000 kw.h
  • Annual water consumption: 175m3/a
  • Raw material consumption (t/a): sawdust*40000, straw*30000, peanut shell*30000
  • Work system: Project labor capacity is 10 people. Adopting a one-shift system, working 8 hours a day, 350 days a year, 2,800 hours.
  • Main equipment: biomass pellet machine, raw material screening machine, loader, forklift, forklift, crusher, wood drying machine, packaging scale, etc.

35 t/h turnkey wood pellet mill system Process flow description:

The raw materials of the turnkey wood pellet mill system project are purchased wood waste, agricultural waste, straw, etc., which are divided into bulk and block, and are transported to the raw material storage yard by truck.

  1. Raw material screening and crushing: Screen out unqualified large pieces of wood offcuts that cannot be pressed, crush them and then dry and press them; the screened out qualified offcuts directly enter the drying process.
  2. Drying: Some raw materials have excessive moisture content when purchased and need to be dried before being pressed into granules. The drying oven is electrically heated.
  3. Pressing, granulation and cooling: Granulation is completed in the wood pellet maker machine. There is a heating ring inside the pellet machine, which can raise the temperature to about 350°C. In order to ensure smooth surface, high density and no cracks, the appropriate molding temperature is selected according to the type of raw material and moisture content. Its level can only be determined through field testing. It varies according to the shape of the material and the model of the heater, generally between 140°C and 500°C.
  4. The exhaust outlet of the project granulation system is equipped with a dust collector with an air volume of 5000m3/h. The dust collected by the dust collector enters the granulation system for reuse. After the exhaust gas is processed by the bag dust collector, it is then passed through a pipe with a height of not less than 20m. Air cylinder discharge. The temperature of the pressed pellets is generally between 55°C and 70°C, and must be cooled before packaging. Air cooling is used for cooling.
  5. Packaging and storage: After cooling, it can be packed and stored for sale.
33-34 t/h EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project

33-34 t/h EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project


  • Annual output: 100,000 tons
  • Building area: 1622.4m2
  • Total investment: 1,280,000 USD
  • Construction content: production workshop, office building, finished product storage area and raw material storage area
  • Main raw and auxiliary material consumption: sawdust*20,000 tons/year, rice husk*50,000 tons/year, straw*30,000 tons/year
  • Work system: The annual operation days of the turnkey wood pellet mill system project are about 300 days, 10 hours a day, and the labor quota for this project is 15 people.
  • Main production equipment: feeding hopper, belt conveyor, material distribution auger, silo to be granulated, wood pellet machine, fan, unloader, conveyor, finished product silo, air compressor, rotary grading screen, packaging scale, etc.
  • General layout: The office area is located in the west of the factory, and the production workshop is located in the east of the factory. The road width designed at the base can ensure unimpeded access for firefighting vehicles and personnel. From the perspective of streamline organization, the flow of people and logistics are clear and basically do not cross each other, which is conducive to corporate management and the safety of corporate employees.

33-34 t/h turnkey wood pellet mill system Process flow:

  1. Raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory: The raw and auxiliary materials used by the enterprise include sawdust, rice husks, and straw. The raw and auxiliary materials purchased by the enterprise are all preliminarily crushed and dried raw materials. The moisture content of the sawdust is between 6% and 12%. time, the particle size is about 3mm-20mm, the moisture content of the straw is about 12%-18%, the particle size is about 5mm-30mm, the moisture content of the rice husk is about 8%-14%, and the particle size is about 4mm- 7mm. Wood chips, rice husks, and straw do not need to be dried after being transported into the factory. Since straw and rice husk have certain seasonality, the use of raw and auxiliary materials is also subject to seasonal restrictions. During the harvest season of corn and rice, the sources of corn straw and rice husk are abundant. Enterprise production mainly uses straw and rice husk. Mainly husks, with a small amount of sawdust. In the season when there is no straw or rice husk acquisition, the company only uses sawdust for production.
  2. Granulation: The raw materials sawdust, rice husks and straw are lifted by a belt conveyor, sent to the warehouse to be granulated through the material distribution auger, and formed in the granulator. The moisture content of the raw materials is no more than 18%, and the particle size is no more than 7mm. No additives are needed. The raw materials enter the granulator from the granulator bin. Through heating, the temperature of the powder can reach 80°C to 90°C, and the extruded pellet fuel continues to move out of the die hole. End extrusion, the cutter cuts the molded particles into the required length, and finally the molded particles flow out of the wood pellet press and fall into the product conveyor.
  3. Cooling: When the wood pellet extruder machine is discharging, the temperature of the pellets is as high as 80~90°C, and must be cooled to normal temperature before being put into storage. This project uses wind cooling. Since the biomass particles have been compacted and compacted, there is basically no dust generated during the cooling process.
  4. Screening and storage: The cooled biomass pellets are sent to the finished product warehouse by a conveyor. The conveying equipment is equipped with a sieve. Straw particles that meet the requirements of the size enter the finished product warehouse, and the biomass particles that do not meet the requirements fall into the lower layer of the screen. , discharged before entering the finished product warehouse, and reused in the granulation process. Qualified biomass particles fall into the finished product bin. The bottom of the finished product bin is a funnel-shaped discharge port, which is pneumatically discharged. The finished product can be directly dropped into the packaging bag, and can be sold after being packed with a baler. The formed biomass particles have been pressed and dense, and basically no dust is generated during the bagging process. Unqualified products are discharged and returned to the molding process.

How to start EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project?

If you want to build a turnkey wood pellet mill system, just follow the following process:

1. Factory site selection and planning

  • Choose a geographical location: Consider factors such as transportation convenience, surrounding environmental safety, land cost and other factors.
  • Plan the factory layout: Based on the production process and product characteristics, design a reasonable factory layout, including raw material warehouse, processing workshop, finished product warehouse, etc.
  • Determine the construction scale: Determine a reasonable construction scale based on market demand and its own economic strength.

2. Equipment purchase and installation

  • Choose equipment suppliers: Choose equipment suppliers with good reputation and reliable quality.
  • Purchase equipment: Choose appropriate wood pellet equipment according to production needs and budget.
  • Equipment installation and debugging: Install and debug equipment according to design requirements to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

3. Process design

  • Determine the processing technology: Select the appropriate processing technology based on product characteristics and market demand.
  • Design process flow: According to the selected process, design a reasonable process flow to ensure product quality and efficiency.
  • Develop operating procedures: According to the turnkey wood pellet mill system process flow, formulate operating procedures to ensure that workers can master operating skills proficiently.

4. Personnel training and management

  • Recruit employees: Recruit suitable employees according to production needs.
  • Train employees: Provide training to employees in aspects such as production safety, operating skills, and product quality.
  • Personnel management: Establish and improve the personnel management system, including attendance, assessment, rewards and punishments, etc., to encourage employees to work actively.

5. Production license application

  • Understand relevant regulations: Understand the regulations and standards of the rice processing industry to ensure that production meets the requirements.
  • Prepare application materials: Prepare application materials according to relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Apply for a license: Submit application materials to relevant departments and apply for a production license.

6. Trial production and product inspection

  • 1. Conduct trial production: Carry out trial production according to the designed process flow and become familiar with the operation process.
  • 2. Product inspection: Inspect the trial production products to ensure that the product quality meets the standards.
  • 3. Adjust the process: Adjust and optimize the turnkey wood pellet mill plant process based on the results of trial production and product inspection.

7. Environmental Assessment and Acceptance

  • Conduct environmental assessment: Evaluate the possible environmental impacts during the factory construction and production processes.
  • Take environmental protection measures: Based on the results of environmental assessment, take corresponding environmental protection measures to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Apply for acceptance: After completing turnkey wood pellet mill plant construction, trial production and product inspection, apply for acceptance to the relevant departments.
  • Pass acceptance: Actively cooperate with relevant departments for inspection and guidance during the acceptance process to ensure that the factory meets relevant standards and requirements.

8. Formal production and sales

  • Formal production: After passing the acceptance inspection, formal production activities will begin, and large-scale production will be carried out in accordance with the established process flow.
  • Product sales: To sell the produced wood pellets, you can choose the traditional offline sales model or the online sales model.
How to start EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project
How to start EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project

turnkey wood pellet mill plant costs

What is the investment cost of the production line? What is certain here is that the equipment cost of a wood pellet plant is between 500,000-2,000,000 USD. In fact, the construction cost of a wood pellet plant includes many things. In addition to equipment costs, it also requires labor costs, plant construction costs, plant rental costs, energy consumption costs, etc.

1. Equipment costs

The equipment cost of the EPC turnkey wood pellet mill system is the largest part of the investment cost. Equipment costs are related to the size of the production line and product types. Production line equipment includes production equipment and packaging equipment.

Production equipment includes mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and automated control systems, while packaging equipment includes packaging machines, labeling machines, etc. The equipment cost is calculated based on the production line scale and product type, using the average market price.

2. Labor costs

Production line labor costs include wages and benefits. The number of employees, salary levels and benefit costs required for a production line depend on the size and needs of the specific turnkey wood pellet mill system. Usually, the production line must have enough operators, maintenance engineers, managers, etc.

3. Factory construction or leasing

The turnkey wood pellet mill system also requires a factory, and factory construction and rental costs are another important component of the investment cost. Factory costs depend on location, factory area, lease term, etc. Usually, smaller production lines can rent factories in industrial parks, while larger turnkey wood pellet mill systems need to buy or lease land around the city or in the suburbs to build large factories.

4. Other expenses

The investment cost of the turnkey wood pellet mill system also includes other expenses, such as additional equipment, logistics equipment, insurance fees, taxes, etc.

RICHI 8-10 tons per hour wood pellet manufacturing equipment for sale solution
RICHI 5 tons per hour wood pellet processing plant solution

The investment cost of a turnkey wood pellet mill system includes equipment costs, labor costs, factory rental and other expenses.

These costs can be estimated by calculating the size of the turnkey wood pellet mill system and product types, so that effective investment decisions can be made. Since the situation in each country and region is different, if you want to estimate the construction cost of a wood pellet production line, feel free to contact us for more information support!

Why choose EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project service?

Under the dual pressure of shortened technology update cycles and intensified market competition, the traditional project management model has been unable to meet customers’ high requirements for grinding equipment manufacturers. More and more powerful wood pellet processing companies are turning to the popular EPC Project general contracting services.

The EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project general contracting service relies on RICHI Machinery’s mature and complete R&D, production, sales and service system, covering project design, equipment supply, project construction, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service, quality journey and other aspects to ensure The project is carried out in an orderly manner.

So, compared with the traditional project management model, what are the good advantages of EPC project general contracting services to attract customers?

Clear rights and responsibilities

The contracting company is responsible for the overall planning and specific implementation of the entire project, and the client is only responsible for the overall, principled, and target management and control; most of the responsibilities and risks are borne by the contracting company.

Fixed total price

For projects with large investment scales, long construction periods, relatively complex technologies, and strong uncertainties, fixed-price contracts and fixed construction periods can help control costs and progress, and reduce customer risks.

Quick profit

The design, production, installation, trial operation and other aspects are all undertaken by the contracting enterprise and carried out in an orderly manner, which greatly shortens the construction period, saves investment costs, reduces investment risks, and enables early production and early benefits.

Why choose RICHI EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project service?

Why Choose RICHI EPC Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill Project Service

Wood pellet manufacturing enterprises that undertake EPC turnkey wood pellet mill project general contracting services need to have strong soft and hard capabilities.

RICHI Machinery integrates R&D, design, production and sales. Its products involve the entire production chain of wood pellet production equipment such as chipper, crushers, wood granulators, and dryers. Its self-developed wood pellet production line equipment has served more than 130 countries. and more than 500 customers in the region.

Over the past 30 years, our products have been intensively cultivated in various pelleting fields. We have rich practical experience in the wood pelleting industry and can provide customers with high-quality EPC project general contracting services.

  • Customized solutions
  • Solid equipment manufacturing capabilities
  • Strong scientific research strength
  • Excellent talent pool
  • Multi-faceted quality service

turnkey wood pellet mill Video

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Customize your turnkey wood pellet mill system

A turnkey wood pellet mill system is a highly organized and mechanised arrangement that optimizes the manufacturing process of wood pellet products. It involves a sequence of interconnected workstations, each dedicated to a specific task, contributing to the overall creation of a final product. This systematic approach significantly enhances efficiency, output consistency, and overall productivity.

With a strong reputation for reliability and excellence, Richi Machinery is your go-to supplier for high-quality pellet equipment. Our wood pellet manufacturing machines are designed for optimal performance, ensuring consistent and efficient pellet production. What sets RICHI apart is our comprehensive approach ——we offer complete wood pellet plant solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We can offer customized turnkey wood pellet mill solution according to the actual situation and needs of customers including wood pellet production line process, related equipment, types and specifications of the equipment, cost control, etc. If you have the need to build a turnkey wood pellet mill system, contact Richi Machinery for technical support !

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