feed mill use pellet crumbler machine

pellet crumbler machine

Pellet crumbler machine is used for crumbling animal feed pellets of any kind. It makes the larger pellet feed products produced by the feed pellet machine and cooled by the cooler into the required smaller pellet feed products. When the feed pellets are crumbled, they are crushed into consistent crumbs, resulting in optimum digestibility for the animal.

This is an economical method introduced to avoid using smaller hole diameter ring dies on the pellet mill to produce small pellets of feed.

The pellet crumbler machine helps benefiting from the quality of the granule and pellet feeds. It is used mostly in animal feed production line, fish feed production line, shrimp feed mill, for poultry animals feed pellets, aqua pellets.

  • Application: for crumbling 1.8-5.0mm diameter pellet. (After crumbling, the pellets size are about 1mm)
  • Cost: 2,000-20,000USD

RICHI pellet crumblers are very solid, high-capacity, high-efficiency machines with a heavy-duty design and user-friendly features. Count on years of continuous, reliable operation, RICHI pellet crumblers range from 2 to 20 tons per hour and can be constructed to match the output requirements of your process.

Type of pellet crumbler machine

In feed processing, the use of small-diameter ring dies to produce small pellet feeds is not only expensive but has low output, and replacement of the molds requires a lot of time, which makes the pellet crusher an effective alternative for the production of small pellet feeds.

According to the purpose of the pellet crumbler, the pellet crumbler machine can be divided into:

  • Poultry feed crumble machine
  • Chicken pellet crumbler machine
  • Duck pellet crumbler machine
  • Goose pellet crumbler machine
  • Bird pellet crumbler machine
  • Pig pellet crumbler machine
  • Rabbit pellet crumbler machine
  • Fish pellet crumbler machine
  • Shrimp pellet crumbler machine
  • Crab pellet crumbler machine

The pellet crumbler machine has the advantages of simple structure, compactness and lightness, reliable operation, low price and easy maintenance, and can fully meet this production need.

And in the current feed production, in terms of the shape of the finished feed, pellets, crumbles, and powder are the three major production varieties, and the crumbled feed are generally processed by roller crumblers. Therefore, based on actual production needs, the SSLG roller pellet crumbler machine was designed.

Characteristics of pellet crumbler machine

  • Imported parts and components, stable performance: Pellet crumbler is widely used for crushing livestock and poultry pellet feeds and aquatic pellet feeds. The key parts are of high quality, reliable performance, and easy to operate and maintain.
  • Novel structure and high yield: Utilizing the unique differential speed principle of double rollers with different tooth shapes to crush 1.5~6.0mm pellet feed, the yield is high and the grading waste is less.
  • Compact structure, two-roller/three-roller structure: more continuous and stable feeding, high crushing yield and less recycled material.
  • The crushing roller implements differential speed: through the squeezing, shearing and tearing effects of the fast and slow rollers, the ideal crushing effect is achieved. RICHI pellet crumbler machine allows to obtain a very homogeneous and regular granulometry of crumbled pellet. The cutting rollers are adjustable and spring-mounted to protect against damage which could be caused by foreign objects.
  • Unique feeding hopper and bypass device: It not only plays the role of leveling materials, but also plays the role of bypassing materials that do not need to be crushed. During bypassing, the machine can be stopped automatically through the travel switch.
  • Adopt narrow V-belt transmission: smooth transmission, low noise, reliable operation and easy operation.
  • Visual operation: large quick-open observation window for convenient observation and maintenance.
  • Optional: According to the different crumbling particle size requirements of users, crushing rollers with special tooth shapes can be equipped.
3 tons pellet crumbler machine
1 ton pellet crumbler machine

Advantages of pellet crumbler machine

RICHI’s SSLG pellet crumbler machine is easy to maintain, has a large crushing ratio, fast sample preparation speed, less dust, less vibration, and a high safety factor.

The structure is compact, the feeding is continuous and stable, the crushing is uniform, and the particle size adjustment is convenient and quick.

pellet crumbler machine manufacturer in china
  • Low energy consumption with regular feeding.
  • High efficiency with precision fluted rollers.
  • Choice of 7 models – 2 to 20 tons/hr
  • Easily adjustable crumb fineness
  • In-built pellet bypass
  • Can process individual cereals and full feed recipes at high capacities and to your requested structure
  • Provides uniform and precise feeding
  • Secures perfect performance
  • Long lifetime

technical parameters of pellet crumbler machine

ModelRollerCapacity (T/H)
SSLG15X80 22-4
SSLG15X120 23-8
SSLG20X140 38-17

The designed roller pellet crumbler machine has a fast roller speed of 720r/min, a slow roller speed of 480r/min, and an output of 2,000 to 20,000kg/h. Generally, large particles of 1.8~5mm are pressed and broken into small particles of 1mm using this machine.

pellet crumbler machine projects

6-10T/H Poultry Animal Feed Plant In Algeria

6-10T/H poultry animal feed plant in Algeria

  • Crumbler type: broiler feed crumble machine
  • Crumbler model: SSLG15X120
10-15T/H chicken animal feed plant in Uzbekistan

10-15T/H chicken animal feed plant in Uzbekistan

  • Crumbler type: poultry feed crumble machine
  • Crumbler model: SSLG20X170
5T/H animal feed plant for poultry chicken In Peru

5T/H animal feed plant for poultry chicken In Peru

  • Crumbler type: poultry feed crumble machine
  • Crumbler model: SSLG15X100
3-5T/H broiler feed plant In Malaysia

3-5T/H broiler feed plant In Malaysia

  • Crumbler type: chicken pellet crumbler machine
  • Crumbler model: SSLG15X100
1-2T/H Poultry Livestock Feed Plant In Nigeria

1-2T/H poultry feed plant in Nigeria

  • Crumbler type: chicken feed crumbler
  • Crumbler model: SSLG15X80
16T/H Stock Poultry Feed Plant

15T/H aqua poultry Feed Plant in oman

  • Crumbler type: fish chicken pellet crumbler
  • Crumbler model: SSLG20X170
5-7 t/h poultry cattle feed plant in Russia

5-7 t/h poultry chicken feed plant in Russia

  • Crumbler type: broiler hen pellet crumbler machine
  • Crumbler model: SSLG15X120
10T/H Livestock cattle Pellet Plant in Uzbekistan

10T/H poultry Pellet Plant in Angola

  • Crumbler type: broiler pellet crumbler machine
  • Crumbler model: SSLG15X150

Extensive feed production projects have proved that RICHI pellet crumbler machines can produce continuously even crumbs, even in the most challenging conditions

Selection of pellet crumbler machine

Crumbled pellets can save energy consumption and improve the digestion and absorption rate of livestock and poultry.

At present, almost all pellet crumbler machines use roller-type pellet crumbler machines, and their performance is mainly evaluated by the structural rationality, structural parameters, process parameters, and processing level of the machine. The large roller diameter and high pressure make it easy to break.

There are two types of pressure roller tooth shapes:

  • One type is crossed helical teeth, and it is better to have front-to-front teeth, and the number of teeth should not be too many, which will reduce the powder extraction rate;
  • The second type is the combination of straight teeth and helical teeth. This combination has a low processing rate. However, both types of tooth-shaped arrangements can meet the usage requirements, and the powder extraction rate should be controlled within 3%.
10 tons poultry feed crumble machine

However, from the perspective of actual use, it is very important to adjust the distance between the two rollers. Otherwise, if the distance between the two rollers is unequal, the product will be uneven. A scale can be provided at the adjustment handwheel to facilitate operation.

In addition, when selecting the model, attention must be paid to the inlet size of the pellet crumbler machine, which must completely match the outlet of the pellet cooler machine, otherwise the powder extraction rate will be increased.

Feed Mill Plant CapacityCrumbler required

Structural design of pellet crumbler machine

The feed pellet crumbler machine is mainly composed of a motor, a belt transmission device, a feeding device, a roller, a rolling distance adjustment device, a cylinder, a casing, etc.

01 Feeding device design

The ideal flow condition of the pellets fed into the pellet crumbler machine should be thin, fast and continuous, and strive to make the roller teeth break the pellets one by one. The particles produced in this way are easy to pass and contain very little fine powder.

When a large number of particles are fed and choked, crushing will occur, resulting in very little qualified product and very much fine powder,

Therefore, it is particularly important to reasonably design the feeding mechanism of the pellet crumbler machine. RICHI pellet crumbler adopts the feeding structure of the representative pellet crumbler currently commonly used in animal feed mill plant.

6 tons pellet crumbler machine
8 tons pellet crumbler machine

02 Gear design

The RICHI pellet crumbler machine uses 7-level precision spur-tooth cylindrical gears, and the pinion material is 45 steel (quenched and tempered). The material of the large gear is gray cast iron HT200. The number of teeth of the small gear is 20, and the number of teeth of the large gear is 30.

03 Roller design

  • RICHI’s pellet rollers have high hardness and wear resistance, can withstand large torques and have good fatigue resistance. Because the processed feed has a certain acidity, the rollers are also required to have certain corrosion resistance. Therefore, a particle roller made of double-layer metal centrifugally cast is used.
  • The outer layer is a chilled alloy cast iron layer, made of high chromium alloy, with a hardness of HBS66 to 78, and a depth of about 10% of the diameter of the roller body. Its wear resistance is 3 to 5 times higher than alloy steel under abrasive wear conditions. Containing high chromium, this material has good corrosion resistance.
  • The inner layer of the roller body is a gray cast iron layer, which supports high chromium cast iron parts and withstands pressure and linear rotation torque. Because of its good toughness, it fully meets the requirements in this regard and at the same time makes up for the lack of toughness of the high-chromium alloy layer. The shaft of the roller is made of No. 45 steel that has been quenched and tempered to HBS220~250 and die-cast in the roller body.
5 tons poultry feed crumble machine

The above three materials each exert their advantages and at the same time make up for their respective shortcomings, so that the roller as a whole reaches the best state, which cannot be achieved by any single metal material.

RICHI pellet crumbler machine uses coarse-toothed rollers that are more suitable for crushing livestock and poultry materials. The roller teeth are drawn along the axial direction of the roller.

The tooth top thickness of the roller teeth has an impact on the wear resistance of the crushing roller and the uniformity of the particle size of the finished crumbled feed.

  • If the tooth top thickness is too thin, the roller will not be wear-resistant;
  • if the tooth top thickness is too thick, the crushing will be uneven and there will be too much powder.

There is a certain contrast between the tooth top thickness and the tooth size. Generally, the coarse tooth roller is 0.4~0.7mm.

5 tons pellet crumbler machine
4 tons pellet crumbler machine

04 Design of rolling distance adjustment device

The rolling distance of the pellet crumbler machine rollers has a great influence on the crushing effect. If the rolling distance is too small, the powder ratio of the crushed materials will increase, and the power consumption will be large; if the rolling distance is too large, the crushing will be incomplete, resulting in an increase in unqualified large particles.

Generally, the rolling distance should be adjusted to 0.7 times the diameter of the crumbled pellets. Of course, appropriate adjustments should be made according to different raw material varieties and the size of the crushed finished particles. When adjusting the rolling distance, the particle rollers must be kept parallel, that is, the rolling distance of the particle rollers should be consistent along the entire length.

Working principle of pellet crumbler machine

When the pellet crumbler machine is working, the motor is driven by the V-belt pulley and gear, and the two rollers rotate in opposite directions to crush the materials.

The roll gap can be adjusted appropriately within the specified range to control the discharge particle size. The pellets cooled by the cooler enter the feed port of the pellet crumbler machine. There are two situations when the pellets pass through the pellet crumbler machine:

  • First, the feed material does not need to be crushed and flows out from the discharge port through the bypass channel of the pellet crumbler machine;
  • Second, it needs to be crushed. After the feed enters the feed port, the feed is evenly fed into the rolling area of the two crushing rollers through the distribution of the feed rollers and adjusting the gap between the feed adjustment door and the feed roller. The crushed feed It flows out of the machine through the discharge port.
20 tons pellet crumbler machine

The main working parts of the pellet crumbler machine are two oppositely rotating rollers installed in parallel. Among them, the fast roller (driven roller) is installed in the bearing body to drive the roller operation, while the slow roller (driven roller) is installed in the adjustable bearing.

Adjusting the gap between the two rollers is achieved by moving the bearing through an adjustment mechanism consisting of a handwheel, a tightening bolt of a threaded bushing, etc.

The round nut must be loosened during adjustment. The bearing seat is installed on the machine body, and a spring is installed on one side of the fixed roller.

When non-crumbled pellets fall into the crushing cavity, the spring is over-compressed and the gap between the rollers increases. The non-crushed materials can pass smoothly without damaging other components, which plays a safety protection role.

The hopper is set on the top of the upper cover and has The gate controls the size of the feed opening, and a liner is installed on the inside of the upper cover to prevent the material from falling without being broken by the rollers.

On the bearing seat supported by the roll shaft, lubrication is achieved regularly through four oil cups. The material level of the feeding hopper is maintained at a certain height. Under the gravity of the pellet feed, the pellet feed is forced into the space between the two oppositely moving rollers.

At the same time, when the roller rotates, the material is pulled in with the help of the friction between the roller and the material.

Under the combined action of gravity and clamping force, the material is squeezed between the rollers, which have roller teeth. The pellet feed between the two rollers is broken into small particles under the action of extrusion and scraping.

2 ton pellet crumbler machine

RICHI manufactures and offers a complete range of high-capacity feed pellet crumblers for all kinds of animal feed pellets. RICHI animal feed pellet crumbler machines give you continuously even crumbs. If you are interested in our products, please contact Richi Machinery for details!

FAQs of pellet crumbler machine


What issues should be paid attention to when installing a pellet crumbler machine?

  • The axis of the feed port of the pellet crumbler machine should be consistent with the axis of the cooler outlet.
  • Finally, the machine is secured with nuts and bolts.
  • Pay attention to the rotation direction of the roller shaft when wiring the motor. Rotate the two rollers toward the middle.
  • This machine is often used with a counter flow cooler. Since this machine adopts narrow V-belt transmission, attention should be paid to the parallelism and straightness of the two pulleys during installation.

How to adjust the rolling distance of the pellet crumbler machine?

To obtain different sizes of pellets, the rolling distance must be adjusted. The adjustment method is to first loosen the ball handle, and then adjust the required rolling distance with the hand wheel.

The rolling distance is indicated by the scale plate, and the rolling distance on both sides should be the same. Finally, Tighten with handle.

15 tons pellet crumbler machine
10 tons pellet crumbler machine

Adjustment method:

  1. Increase the rolling distance: first loosen the nut at the inner end of the adjusting stud, adjust the nut at the outer end to the required rolling distance, and then tighten the nut at the inner end.
  2. Reduce the rolling distance: first loosen the nut at the outer end of the adjusting stud, adjust the nut at the inner end to the required rolling distance, and then tighten the nut at the outer end.

How to test the pellet crumbler machine after installing it?

  • After the crumbler is installed, it should be tested first. The test steps are as follows:
  • Check whether each fastener is connected reliably
  • Remove debris and material accumulation between the rolls, and check whether the rolling distance meets the requirements.
  • Start the machine and check whether the roller rotation direction is correct and whether there are any abnormal sounds.
  • Pull the valve lever and the machine should be able to stop in the bypass position.
  • Feed the material evenly and check whether the particle size of the crushed material is qualified.
  • Only after the pellet crumbler test runs normally can it be officially produced. If any abnormality is found in any step, it should be eliminated at any time.

How to operate and use the pellet crumbler machine?

  • The operator should first read this instruction manual to become familiar with the performance of the machine and understand the structure of the machine.
  • Before starting the machine, all connections must be carefully checked to ensure there is no looseness.
  • Check whether the roller transmission direction is correct, whether the rotation is flexible, and there should be no abnormal sounds such as jamming or friction.
  • Adjust the rolling distance limit limit screw to ensure that the two rollers do not collide with each other at the minimum rolling distance.
  • When working, turn on the machine and idle for 2-3 minutes before feeding.

How to maintain, maintain and repair pellet crumbler machine?

  • Inspection and cleaning work should be done before and after work.
  • Every three months or so, use a grease gun to inject a certain amount of ZG-2 calcium-based lubricating grease into the opening of the five oil cups.
  • If the roller teeth are worn, they should be repaired or replaced in time.
  • Check whether the bypass travel switch is valid every week.

What are the rules for transportation, storage and storage of pellet crumbler machine?

  • During transportation, tipping, collision, and inversion should be prevented.
  • Long-distance transportation should have packaging boxes, short-distance transportation depends on the situation.
  • The machine should be properly stored when not in use for a long time. When stored in the open air, there should be facilities to prevent rain, sunlight and water accumulation. When stored indoors, good ventilation, moisture-proof, and dust-proof measures should be taken.

 Why are the pellets coming out of my machine too large, unevenly broken, or even unbroken?

The reason for this phenomenon is generally that the rolling distance is too large, the two rollers are not parallel, the gap is large, and material leakage occurs. What you need to do is: adjust the rolling distance and adjust the parallelism of the rollers.

crumbles pellets

Why does the crushed material I process have a high powder content?

This is because the rolling distance of your pellet crumbler machine is too small, the roller teeth are seriously worn, the hardness of the particles entering the machine is low, and the adhesion is poor. What you need to do is: adjust the rolling distance, redraw or replace the rollers, and improve the feed formula.


Why does my pellet crumbler machine roller work on one side and the feed is offset to one side?

This is because the feed is concentrated on one side and there is too much feed. What you need to do is: ensure uniform feeding and reduce feeding (adjust the previous process). (Find RICHI on YouTube)


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    Keeping in touch with us is an effective way to solve all your problems. If you have any needs or questions, please leave your contact information, then RICHI technical consultants will send design, quotation, videos to your mailbox. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp: +86 13838389622


      * We will store the information you have provided us. We will only use this information for the purpose of helping to answer your inquiries. We will not disclose your information to third parties.

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