5-6T/H Shrimp Sinking Fish &1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Food Production Line In Iran

This 1.5-2t/h extruded floating fish food production line & 5-6t/h animal food production line mainly produces extruded feed for floating fish, feed for sinking fish and shrimp, but at the same time, the possibility of producing pet feed, poultry feed, chicken feed, cattle feed and goat feed is reserved in the future.

floating fish feed processing line euqipment and design

Overview Of 1.5-2T/H Shrimp And Fish Food Production Line In Iran


On December 27, 2021, the story of the 1.5-2T/H Shrimp And Fish Food Production plant Project in Iran began.

Client’s consultation content:
Hello, we need shrimp and fish food production machines with the following specifications:
1) Production capacity: 2000 kg/hours
2) Machines according to modern standards and technology.
3) Dimensions of the factory building, length 66 meters, width 13 meters, height 7 meters, please, send us the list of machines with full technical specifications along with photos, videos and prices c&f Khoramshahr port iran.

Iran is a fishery developing country, and its aquaculture industry, fishing industry and aquatic product market have great potential. Supporting aquaculture and encouraging seafood and white meat consumption to reduce red meat imports by 150,000 tons a year has become a policy of the Iranian government.

Obviously, this kind of policy will inevitably drive the growth rate of the country’s aquaculture industry. It can be seen that in order to significantly increase fish and shrimp production, Iran will need a lot of resources, including operations, sites and construction, development and mechanization equipment. Among them, feed supply, which accounts for 65% of the cost, has a great impact on production increase and market prices.

Based on this background, the project client, a well-known Iranian aquatic product enterprise and one of the best aquatic product exporters in Iran, after several rounds of negotiation, is very satisfied with our fish food production line design and fish feed making machine configuration, and finalized the contract with us on April 19, 2022 —— 1.5-2t/h extruded floating fish food processing line & 5-6t/h animal pet poultry livestock shrimp and sinking fish food production combined project.


Basic Information Of 1.5-2T/H Shrimp And Fish Feed production project In Iran


  • Shrimp & fish feed production line price: approximately $330,000
  • Production cycle: 60 days
  • Delivery time: by sea, 40 days
  • Installation period: 90 days
  • Number of employees: 12
  • Working system: single shift, 8 hours per shift, 250 days per year
  • Project voltage: 380V/50HZ/3P
  • Aqua fish feed making raw materials: fish meal (tank/barrel), starch (barrel), soybean meal (bag), oil (barrel), corn (bag), rapeseed meal (bag), bran (bag)

Production Plant Of 1.5-2T/H Shrimp And Fish Food Production Line In Iran

This aquafeed production line is carefully designed for the customer according to the on-site investigation or the actual requirements of the customer, which fully reflects the rationality, effectiveness and applicability of the design. Large output, low wear, and low operating costs are its notable features.

After the completion of this compound animal pet aqua fish food processing line, it mainly produces extruded feed for floating fish, feed for sinking fish and shrimp, but at the same time, the possibility of producing pet feed, poultry feed, chicken feed, cattle feed and goat feed is reserved in the future. (Notice: There is only one die on the pet & floating fish feed extruder and feed pellet machine, the Iranian client need to choose one size from the list.)

Feed From The Combined Feed Production LineFeed SizeCapacityRemark
Floating fish feed/Pet food1.0-12mm1.5-2T/HBased on different formula
Sinking fish feed1.5-12.0mm3-4T/H/
Shrimp feed1.0-12.0mm1-2T/H/
Middle chicken2.5-3.0mm5-6T/HChicken in 10-30 days
Big chickens3.5-4.0mm5-6T/HChicken in 30-45 days
Layer feedsPowder feeds5-6T/HAlso can feed chicks
Cattle/Goat6.0-8.0mm5-6T/HWithout grass in recipe
Cattle/Goat6.0-8.0mmXWith grass powder in recipe (Based on different percentage of grass)

Scheme Design Of 1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Food Production Line In Iran

A detailed analysis of your production goals is the basis for a tailor-made, future-proof fish food production system solution adjusted to your specific requirements. Reasonable configuration and optimized process design enable each piece of equipment to achieve high performance, ensuring that the whole fish food line production is smooth and stable.

The final scheme of this fish feed production line was modified 5 times, and Richi Machinery specially custom designed this fish feed production line according to the customer’s request. This production line has a high degree of automation, low operating costs, large output, energy saving and low consumption, less pollution, and easy maintenance. The important thing is that the final feed quality is good, which can fully meet the needs of high-end aquaculture.

Iran Animal & Aqua Fish Food Processing Line Process Design

01 Feeding of raw materials:

The raw materials are transported to the feeding port for feeding by a bucket elevator, and this process generates feeding dust.

02 Raw material cleaning:

The packaging raw materials such as flour, fish protein, and sub-powder have completed the raw material cleaning process during the raw material production process, and generally no longer need to be cleaned. Soybean meal, rapeseed meal and other raw materials are often mixed with some impurities such as sand, dander, straw, etc.

The existence of a small amount of impurities has a great impact on the quality of the finished feed, and it is necessary to clean up the impurities before production. The raw material cleaning process is mainly to screen and remove impurities from soybean meal and rapeseed meal.

03 Pulverization of ingredients:

The raw materials need to be pulverized by a pulverizer, so that the components can be mixed evenly, and the automatic classification after mixing is reduced. The pulverized materials are transported through pipelines to the next process, and after pneumatic transportation, they are collected by cyclone dust collectors. The material is collected and separated by a pulse bag filter, and the material directly enters the next process of the fish food production line.

04 Mixing of ingredients:

It is mainly for the preparation of materials with a large proportion in the formula. There is a batching scale under the batching bin of each material, and each material is weighed by the batching scale and sent to the mixer by the conveyor for mixing.

fish feed factory fish feed pellet machine

05 Extrusion section:

The mixed semi-finished product enters the advanced fish feed extruder machine, and is heated and sterilized by high-temperature steam, pressurized, and then extruded from the die hole, and then suddenly depressurized to rapidly vaporize the water molecules inside, so that the material expands and becomes porous pellets feed.

06 Drying section:

After puffing, the feed needs to be dried with a feed dryer. The material is continuously turned forward and backward in the rotating drum and gradually dried. The temperature is about 40~50 °C, and a small amount of odor is generated during the turning process.

fish feed mill plant fish feed production process

07 Oil injection:

Fish have limited ability to utilize sugar, and their energy sources are mainly provided by the decomposition of fat and protein. (Related post: animal feed mill plant)

08 Cooling section:

After the feed grease is sprayed, a countercurrent flap cooler is used for cooling.

fish feed mill plant fish feed making machine price in kolkata

09 Screening section:

The cooled material enters the grading screen for classification, the finished product enters the packaging process, and the screened scraps are reused for the raw material feeding process.

10 Packaging section

The finished product is packaged by workers using a packaging machine to leave the 1.5-2t/h fish food production site.


Customized Design Of 1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Food Production Line In Iran

The scheme of this 1.5-2t/h extruded floating fish feed production line & 5-6t/h shrimp and sinking fish food production project is based on our 1-2t/h extruded feed line design and has undergone 5 modifications.

fish food processing line equipment layout

(1) The height limit of the workshop is 6 meters, and the conveying system scheme has been replaced

Originally, the customer only required to design a 2t/h extruded feed line, and in the standard plan of the 2t/h extruded line, the crushing and drying systems are on the second floor, but due to the height limitation of the customer’s factory building (up to 6 meters), and can’t break the top, so the basic plan is replaced by a horizontal plan.

(Generally speaking, in the standard design of 2t/h extruded fish feed line, all conveying equipment usually adopts the air conveying system, but due to the height limitation of the customer’s workshop, RICHI added horizontal screw conveyors and curling conveyors to reduce the height of entire shrimp fish feed processing line. In addition, the design of the raw material cleaning system and the cleaning system are also adjusted to suit the height of the production line.)

shrimp feed pellet size shrimp feed pellet mill plant

(2) Increase the granulator and post-curing device to expand the product category

In addition, the fish food production line plan has also been adjusted in terms of equipment configuration according to the budget. Because customers want to enrich their product range and increase the production of hard pellet fish feed and shrimp feed. But the cost of processing shrimp feed and sinking fish feed with an extruder is too high, and customers are well aware of this. But for RICHI, what we have to do is to use professionalism to solve customer problems.

Therefore, in response to the different dimensions of customers, we adjusted the feed production line plan again, changed this fish feed production line to a composite production line, and added a three-layer conditioner granulator and post-curing device to the production line.

(Actually, it is also possible to use a twin-screw extruder to process fish feed and shrimp feed, but many professionals know that in this case, the cost of feed processing is too high. Although there are also aquatic feed companies that do this, but more Aquatic feed processors will choose to use pellet mills to make shrimp feed and sinking fish feed, which is also a mainstream process in the current feed industry.)

In this process, the mesh belt dryer is also used as a post-cooker when processing shrimp feed, and together with the newly added post-cooker, it contributes to the maturity of the feed.

When processing fish feed, post-curing is generally not required, but if customers want to improve the quality of fish feed and increase feed remuneration, they can turn on the post-curing machine or mesh belt dryer.

fish feed production process fish feed mill plant cost in India

In addition, the customer is also considering that it will start processing livestock and poultry feed in the later stage. Compared with aquatic feed, post-curing is not required for processing livestock and poultry feed, but it does not matter, our engineers have also considered this point: the mesh belt dryer can still be turned on, but no heat is supplied to it, only the conveying function needs to be turned on, let the mesh belt run; then open the discharge port of the post-cooker. (Related case: Feed mill plant in Uzbekistan)

floating feed extruder machine cost

(3)  In order to save customer costs, use the optimized equipment configuration to process more types of feed

Actually, our engineers hesitated when adding granulator and post-curing machine, because there is a more efficient process; but under the premise of taking into account high-quality process design and customer budget, our engineers optimized the design again, and finally decided , When processing different feeds, a set of coolers and packaging machines are shared to save customer costs.

(4)  Environmental protection facilities

It is worth mentioning that Iran has strict requirements on environmental protection. Therefore, the production line is equipped with dust removal equipment, which is very necessary in the environment that promotes green production.

  • Feeding. The project is equipped with a special feeding room, in which large-diameter materials such as corn, sorghum, and soybean meal are set up with a special feeding room for closed feeding. The feeding room is closed during the feeding process, which can be regarded as 100% airtight. Small particle size powders such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are manually fed. After two sets of bag dedusting treatment facilities are set up, they are led to an 8m exhaust pipe for discharge. Very little dust is generated during the feeding process.
  • Crushing section. The dust generated in the crushing process is collected and processed by a pulse bag filter, and the dust concentration is lower than 120 mg/m3, which meets the local Iranian standard.
  • The imported super steam fish meal used in this project, because the raw material supplier has steamed the fish meal in advance, the fishy smell of the raw material itself is smaller than that of the conventional fish meal. The curing and drying process is the main odor generating process of the project. For such waste gas, photochemical oxidation and deodorization device should be used for treatment, and the treated waste gas will be led to the roof of the workshop through a 40m-high exhaust pipe.

Equipment needed to start 1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Food Production Line In Iran

Richi Machinery’s fish feed production line has a multi-level equipment combination, which solves the current problems of discontinuous operation and low overall efficiency. In addition, the production line equipment is easy to operate, has a long trouble-free running time, and is easy to maintain, which can effectively reduce production costs.

The production line adopts RICHI’s new floating fish feed making machine (floating fish feed extruder), adopts PLC Touch Screen Technology to realize man-machine dialogue and switch between manual and automatic operation. In addition, the accessories of the production line equipment have a long service cycle, low wear rate, low maintenance rate, convenient maintenance, save downtime, and can effectively reduce production costs.

Equipment list

Twin screw feed extruder1DDC-conditioner1
Sinking fish & shrimp feed pellet machine1Stainless steel conditioner1
Pulse dust collector2Screw conveyor5
Drum type precleaner1Permanent magnetic sleeve1
Hammer mill feed grinder1Bucket Elevator2
Feed mixing machine1Customized conveyor5
Fish feed drying machine1Pendulum stabilizer1
Coating machine1Pellet cooling machine1
Vibrating screener1Auto-packing machine1
Sewing + belt conveyor1MCC Control Center ;Mimic control panel1

Main Equipment parameter

Twin screw extruder for fish

Floating Fish Feed Making Machine


Main Power:

Animal feed pelleting machine for sale

Animal feed pelleting machine


Main Power:

Hammer mill feed grinder

Hammer mill feed grinder


Main Power:

feed mixing machine

feed mixer machine


Main Power:

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator


Main Power:

Coating machine

Coating machine


Main Power:

Cooling machine

Pellet Cooler machine


Main Power:

Vibrating screener

Vibrating screener


Main Power:

Pulse dust collector

Pulse dust collector


Main Power:

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor


Main Power:

Drum type precleaner

Drum precleaner


Main Power:

packing machine

Automatic Bagging Machine


Main Power:

Main Spare parts

Main Spare partsQTYMain Spare partsQTY
Hammers10 setsRoller assembly2 sets
Screener20 setsRoller shell12 sets
Dies for fish feed extruder (0.6-20mm)12 setsRing die for animal feed pellet machine (0.5-6mm)6 sets
Safety pin for pellet machine60 setsKnife for extruder1000 sets

Our services

This project “5-6T/H Animal Shrimp Sinking Fish & 1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line In Iran” adopts the form of EPC general contracting, and Richi Machinery independently completes all procedures from design, supply, construction, training to after-sales service.

At different stages of pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale of the animal & fish food processing line project, we will successively provide customers with customized design schemes, production line equipment, configuration schemes of project personnel, plant office facilities, water, electricity, HVAC equipment, dust removal, noise reduction and sewage equipment. planning, dust removal, noise reduction and sewage system construction, equipment installation and testing, technical personnel training, stocking lists, steel lists and other documents and drawings.







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Do you want to start Animal & Floating Fish Food Production Line?


Aquafeed fish feed production plant solution is one of the cores of Richi Pellet Machine‘s business segment. It integrates R&D, manufacturing and service. It is committed to providing safe, intelligent and environmentally friendly integrated solutions for global aquatic feed processing, helping users reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency and effectiveness.

Do you want to start feed processing business?

  • How to choose the processing technical plan of top-grade shrimp feed, crab feed and special aquafeed with the high quality,but the cost is low?
  • How to choose the micro grinding and super micro grinding equipment,the sound grinding fineness is not only suitable for aquatic animals’need, but also reduce energy consumption?
  • How to make the conditioner to control the feed curing extent better,the curing extent and digestibility will be improved?
  • How to use hypoxia sterilization conditioning to treat post-curing, kill all kinds of bacteria effectively, improve How to control the sinkable and float character of extruded feed accurately?
  • Grinding equipment and optimal sieve system to improve the grinding efficiency and reduce energy consumption?
  • How to choose post-spraying technology such as vacuum spraying fat equipments to improve the feed nutritional quality?
  • How to make the starch of feed pellet gelatinizate and proteid transforms completely through post curing?
  • In shrimp pellet production,how to use conditioner to control the curing extent,the curing extent and digestibility will be improved?
  • Especially the starch in pellet surface gelatinize and harden completely, improving the water resistence?
  • How to choose the vacuum spraying fat equipment to improve the feed nutritional quality?


Are any of the above your questions? What questions do you have?

Any questions you may have about aquafeed fish food production lines will be answered at Richi Machinery.


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    Keeping in touch with us is an effective way to solve all your problems. If you have any needs or questions, please leave your contact information, then RICHI technical consultants will send design, quotation, videos to your mailbox. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp: +86 13838389622


      * We will store the information you have provided us. We will only use this information for the purpose of helping to answer your inquiries. We will not disclose your information to third parties.

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