Recently, the harmless treatment and organic fertilizer production and construction project of 150,000 tons of sheep and livestock manure with an annual output of RICHI was officially put into operation.

When we walked into the project site, we saw machines roaring in the workshop. Employees were beating and sorting the fermented manure, and using advanced modern processes, technologies and equipment to ferment, decompose, and deodorize livestock and poultry manure. Processing, the entire workshop showed a busy scene.

The client company is an enterprise integrating the production, research and development, sales and technical services of refined organic fertilizers, compound microbial fertilizers, and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers. It was officially put into production on March 11, 2023.

The main varieties of fertilizers currently produced are: There are three varieties of organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. More than 20 days after it was put into production, the company has received orders for more than 1,000 tons of fertilizers from the local area and surrounding areas.

The harmless treatment and organic fertilizer production and construction project with an annual output of 150,000 tons of sheep and livestock manure is an important part of the construction of a sustainable agricultural development experimental demonstration zone in Hanghou. The project is located in Inner Mongolia, China.

After being put into production, it will be transformed into organic fertilizer through centralized harmless treatment and put into agricultural production.

It can digest more than 2.2 million tons of local high-quality manure and sheep manure resources produced by medium-sized and above-sized farms in surrounding counties.

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