Recently, RICHI recently signed a 50,000 tons/year chicken feed mill expansion project in Iraq. The project covers an area of 4000m² and has a construction area of 3300m². The client company decided to expand at the original site and add a 420-meter double-line computerized batching pellet production line to the original workshop, with an additional production capacity of 50,000 tons of feed per year. The total project investment is US$580,000.

The main production process of this project:

The raw materials of the project are manually or machine-fed into the crusher for classification and crushing. A small amount of dust will be generated during the process. The crushed raw materials are transported to the batching machine for weighing, and are blended into a material containing various components in proportion. Then, the mixed material enters the granulation system.

The rotating distributor located at the upper part of the granulation system evenly spreads the material on the surface of the die. Then the rotating pressure mixer presses the material into the die hole and out from the bottom. The rod-shaped feed coming out of the die hole is cut into the required length by the cutting roller.

During the pelleting process, due to the introduction of high-temperature, high-humidity steam and the extrusion of the material, a large amount of heat is generated, so that when the pellet feed just comes out of the chicken feed pellet machine, the moisture content reaches 16%-18% and the temperature reaches as high as 75°C-85°C. ℃, under these conditions, the pellet feed is easily deformed and broken, and will also cause sticking and mildew during storage.

The moisture must be reduced to less than 14%, and the temperature must be reduced to less than 8°C higher than the air temperature, which requires a fan to cool down. The finished product is ready after cooling.

Currently, we have exported a large amount of feed mill equipment to Iraq. If you want to know more about RICHI animal feed production line projects, contact us to get relevant information!

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