The high-grade poultry feed production line with an output of 45 tons per hour designed and constructed by RICHI was completed and successfully passed the acceptance inspection. This marks that the two complete sets of projects are officially put into production and operation, helping customers to develop rapidly.

The project entered the site for installation in June 2021, completed the installation in September, started debugging in May 2022, and passed the acceptance test on June 1st.

Since this project is the transformation of the original factory production line, the usable area is limited, and the finished product and raw material warehouse area is limited. We have designed a real-time online loading process for finished products, which can be used for bulk packing and packaging at the same time. The packing scale is designed on the second floor. When packing finished products, they can be loaded while packing, effectively saving about 500 square meters of finished product warehouse area.

In order to help customers improve market competitiveness and meet the needs of surrounding high-end poultry feed, our company has fully calculated the high addition amount requirements when designing and selecting the oil post-spraying addition system. The amount of oil post-spraying addition is as high as about 8%. With a directional design, a good spraying effect is obtained. The final finished particles are smooth and beautiful, achieving high compression ratio and high output.

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