Recently, the 15,000-ton ruminant additive premix project undertaken by RICHI was completed and put into production. The client company is mainly engaged in animal feed processing, premix processing, premix additive processing, cattle breeding and other businesses.

The construction investment of this project is 600,000 US dollars. It has advanced equipment selection, high degree of automation, world-class production lines, complete environmental protection facilities, nutritional formulas carefully guided by domestic and foreign experts, and the production process is safe, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

After the project is put into production, it will be linked with the client company’s organic fertilizer project, feed cultivation industry and ruminant animal breeding to form a complete ruminant animal breeding industry chain.

The client company will take this opportunity to continue to optimize the construction of precise nutrition and production systems, give full play to the advantages of a first-class expert team, focus on antibiotic-free breeding of livestock and utilization of straw as feed, increase research and development innovation, and demonstrate in aspects such as plant essential oil extraction new projects will cultivate new economic growth points, provide higher-quality new products for livestock breeding enterprises, demonstrate and drive industrial development, help the development of the local livestock industry and the revitalization of the dairy industry, and promote rural revitalization.

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