This project is located in northern South Africa, where the client’s village is located. During the prime corn harvest season, it is expected to produce 300,000 tons of corn straw. In order to effectively improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of crop straw, this customer actively strives for project funds to build a new biomass fuel processing plant, vigorously promotes the use of straw as fuel and fertilizer, and realizes the transformation of straw from waste products to commodities.

Construction of this biomass pellet fuel processing plant started in October 2022. The project has been completed and is under intense debugging. After debugging is completed, it can be put into production. The output of this biomass pellet is about 100 tons per day. The waste firewood and crop straws in the surrounding areas of the project can be collected and processed into biomass fuel. Compared with traditional energy, this fuel is more environmentally friendly.

This biomass fuel pellet plant mainly recycles waste wood, corn stalks, wheat straw, bean straw, fruit tree branches, etc. at a very low price. After being processed into pieces, crushed, dried, dusted, and granulated, Generates 6-9 mm biomass pellet fuel. This fuel production process is advanced and environmentally friendly. It can reduce pollution during the combustion process and achieve sulfur-free and smokeless emissions.

The ash after combustion can be used as fertilizer to achieve green, circular and sustainable development of agricultural production. In addition to being environmentally friendly, compared with traditional fuels, this biomass pellet is also hygienic, convenient, and safe.

It is understood that the customer’s biomass fuel straw pellet plant also has one supporting crop straw collection, storage and transportation service station in several local towns and villages, and can process more than 50,000 tons of crop straw every year.

The commissioning of this corn stalk wheat straw pellet machine plant project has further improved the level of fuel and fertilizer conversion of crop straws, which not only enhances the appearance of local villages in South Africa, improves the rural living environment, but also optimizes the agricultural industry structure and promotes the green and circular development of modern agriculture. A win-win situation of economic benefits and environmental protection is achieved.

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