Recently, RICHI’s production workshop is in full swing. In order to complete the delivery of various orders on time, the manufacturing workshop and logistics department have worked at full capacity and worked overtime to complete the delivery of multiple domestic and foreign trade orders with quality and quantity.

The orders completed in China include the transformation of Shandong quality preservation device and the delivery of Anhui) double-line SZLH420 livestock and poultry feed production line. Focused on completing the complete delivery of the 10t/h premix feed mill project in Hunan (China), the 5t/h wood pellet production line project in Argentina, and the 10-15t/h livestock and poultry feed production line project in Iraq.

In terms of export, we have completed export shipments in many countries and regions. Mainly include: delivery of orders for hammer mill feed grinders and square screens in Bangladesh; delivery of 6 sets of MZLH420 biomass pellet production lines in South Korea, and delivery of 2 sets of MZLH520 biomass pellet mills in Indonesia; Thailand, Poland, Austria, Germany, Romania, South Korea Delivery of accessories such as ring molding rollers.

Among them, the old customers who have already signed the 10t/h Afghanistan chicken feed line added 2 new packing scales and 1 new electric synchronously adjustable three-roll crusher, and the delivery was completed in October.

Based on the country, look at the world. RICHI will continue to rely on high-quality high-tech products to provide every customer with high-quality stand-alone products and quality projects

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